Valve announces best-selling Steam games of 2016

Popular video game producer Valve Corp. has announced the top one hundred games that generated the most revenue on Steam during 2016.

The list of top 100 revenue-generating games is notably varied, ranging from highly-acclaimed games like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) to games like Stellaris.

Apple supplier Foxconn to start massive automation effort for its factories

In a recently released report, DigiTimes has revealed that Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn - the company is one of the most prominent Apple suppliers - plans to automate its factories in May 2017, replacing a vast majority of human employees with robots.

According to the report, the massive automation effort which Foxconn has planned for its factories in May will involve the replacement of nearly 60,000 human workers.

Some of the top audio trends expected at CES 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 to be held in Las Vegas next week, several interesting and attention-grabbing audio products and technologies will apparently be showcased by some bigwig audio companies.

With the market for audio devices being quite huge worldwide, it is speculated that audio-related announcements and unveilings at the CES 2017 event will include the introduction of high-quality smart speakers, wireless airbuds which channel hearing aids, as well as some other enthralling new ways to listen to music.

Arkansas police seeks data from Amazon Echo device for murder case

In a development which marks a new era of sorts for the Internet of Things (IoT) category of connected devices, detectives in an Arkansas murder case have sought a search warrant asking bigwig online retailer Amazon to hand over data -- audio or records -- from an Echo device belonging to the suspected murderer.

Gionee’s new premium handset - M2017 - is now available for preorder in China

In a recent announcement, Chinese smartphone maker Gionee has said that it has launched a new metal-and-leather handset called the M2017. The handset is now available for preorder in China, though Gionee has not yet officially disclosed whether or when the handset will be launched in other markets across the world.

Jaunt partners with Xiaomi to help in app and content development for Mi VR headset

In a recent announcement, Jaunt China - an earlier-this-year launched cinematic content provider that shoots, edits, and distributes VR-centric videos - said that it has partnered with Chinese consumer electronic firm Xiaomi.

According to an NDTV report, Jaunt China's partnership with Xiaomi hints at Xiaomi's apparent interest in gaining a foothold in the virtual reality (VR) arena.



Emirates announces more Special Flights

Emirates Airlines has announced additional flights for some routes under strict conditions.

Scientists invent synthetic bone produced with 3D printable ink

The researchers at Northwestern University, led by assistant professor Ramille Shah along with her postdoctoral fellow Adam Jakus, have developed a synthetic “hyperelastic” bone tissue produced wit

Study highlights ways to lessen cholesterol levels other than statins

Statins work great when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart events.

Compassion level for people with mental illness remains low

Mental health disorder is considered to be the most common childhood disease.

Natuzzi Italia wins the Red Dot Award for Organic Design Concept for 2019

The Ergo collection, designed by Ross Lovegrove for Natuzzi Italia, won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2019 as a recognition for its organic design inspired by the forms of nature and the use of ren

NRI Investors can use Indian Housing investments as hedge during troubled times

The Indian real estate market right now stands in equilibrium as prices are stable across most cities in India.