Michigan establishes regulations for testing, use, and eventual sale of self-driving cars

In a Friday move which marks a momentous advance in self-driving car policy making, Michigan became the first US state to establish regulations for the testing and use of self-driving cars as well as their eventual sale.

Microsoft finalizes acquisition of LinkedIn

In a Thursday announcement, software giant Microsoft and business social network LinkedIn have revealed that they have closed their acquisition deal; with Microsoft having paid $26 billion to take over LinkedIn.

The finalization of Microsoft's LinkedIn acquisition deal - the largest-ever acquisition by Microsoft - comes nearly six months after reports first started making rounds about Microsoft's plans to purchase the business social network.

AT&T CEO vows not to restrict Time Warner's TV content from rivals after merger

At a Wednesday hearing before the Senate judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, Randall Stephenson - the CEO of bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T - promised that AT&T will not restrict Time Warner's TV content from rivals after the massive $85 billion merger of the two companies comes through.

Stephenson specifically said at a hearing: "We will not withhold content to disadvantage someone else."

Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly boast several noteworthy upgrades

With bigwig South Korean smartphone maker Samsung expected to officially unveil its new flagship handset - the Galaxy S8 - at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2017, it is being rumored that the handset will apparently boast some new, cutting-edge features.

Though Samsung will not likely divulge any details about the Galaxy S8 handset before its official unveiling, several reports and rumors making rounds about the upcoming handset have been hinting that the company has put its Galaxy Note 7 debacle behind it, and is looking ahead to its new handset.

Apple is reportedly ready to use drones to improve its maps

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is preparing to use a fleet of survey drones in an effort to bring about a drastic elevation in the status of Apple Maps.

The report, based on the information shared by an unidentified source, has revealed that Apple's move to use a fleet of survey drones -- which Apple is getting ready to use for improving Apple Maps substantially -- is basically aimed at challenging rival Google's map monopoly.

Apple rolls out new tool for iPhone 6s shutdown issue

Tech biggie Apple has rolled out a new tool to deal with the 'unexpected shutdown' issue affecting some iPhone 6s units.

The new tool released by Apple gives iPhone 6s users the ability to check whether their handset is affected by the shutdown issue, and whether they are eligible for getting a free battery replacement for their device.

Security firm discovers app-installing malware in over 1M Android devices

Security firm Check Point has revealed in a recently released report that it has discovered a new app-installing malware in more than 1 million Android-powered mobile devices.

The new malware campaign has been named 'Googlian' by Check Point.

According to the details shared by Check Point in its report, the 'Googlian' malware campaign first surfaced in August this year; and is presently compromising nearly 13,000 Android devices per day.

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