Apple gets a new patent titled ‘Flexible display devices’

On Tuesday, US Patent and Trademark Office revealed that it has granted Apple a new patent for a 'flexible' iPhone which can fold in half and uses a flexible OLED display.

The patent granted to Apple is titled 'Flexible display devices.'

The patent was filed by Apple in July 2014. It features a touchscreen smartphone which has a foldable design, similar to the one popularized by clamshell phones manufactured by Motorola in the 1990s.

Intel is reportedly readying its third round of layoffs in past 18 months

Online journal TechCrunch has disclosed in a recent report that chip maker Intel will likely announce another round of job cuts in the near future. The projected layoff move by Intel will mark the company's third round of layoff in the last 18 months.  

According to the TechCrunch report, citing "sources close to Intel", the impending round of layoffs to be announced by Intel is apparently a result of the company's lackluster performance in its embryonic wearables business.

Apple is throttling the performance of Qualcomm modems in iPhone 7

According to a Re/code report, unidentified sources familiar with the proceedings at Apple have confirmed that the company is throttling the download speeds on iPhone 7 versions equipped with the Qualcomm modem chip.

The report comes against an early Friday disclosure by Bloomberg that the performance of Qualcomm LTE chips in Verizon/Sprint versions of iPhone 7 is being intentionally throttled by Apple to ensure that their performance matches with that of the slower Intel modems used in the AT&T/T-Mobile versions of iPhone 7.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wins shareholders’ approval for SolarCity acquisition

On Thursday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk closed a stock swap deal for the acquisition of beleaguered residential solar energy system installer SolarCity.

The SolarCity acquisition deal, worth approximately $2 billion, was closed by Musk after Tesla shareholders -- assembled at the company's manufacturing facility in Fremont, California -- gave their approval to the move on Thursday.

Google rolls out new ‘PhotoScan’ app for iOS and Android

In a recent announcement, Google has revealed that it is launching a new app called 'PhotoScan,' to enable users to scan their old photos.

Announcing the rollout of the new PhotoScan app, Google said that the app is now available globally for free, for the iOS and Android platforms.

Google Photos team releases new ‘PhotoScan’ app for Android and iOS

The team behind Google Photos has recently announced the launch of a new app - called 'PhotoScan' - for the Android and iOS platforms. The app, available with effect from November 15, gives users the ability to convert their old photos into digital prints, and save them to the cloud with a single tap.

With the help of the new PhotoScan app, users can easily scan their old prints which can be saved with all other digital photos that they have stored in their Google Photos collection.

FriendFinder hit by massive attack; 412 million accounts exposed

California-based adult dating and entertainment company FriendFinder Network Inc. was hacked in October, in what apparently was the biggest hack of 2016. The hack -- marking the second attack on FriendFinder in the last two years -- was first reported by breach notification website LeakedSource. com.

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