Two new smartwatches will be launched by Google in 2017 Q1

During the course of a recent interview with The Verge, Google executive Jeff Chang - the company's product manager of Android Wear - said that two new flagship smartwatches will be launched by the company in the 2017 first quarter.

According to the details shared by Chang in the interview, the two new smartwatches to be launched by Google will be the company's flagship Android Wear 2.0 devices. The smartwatches will be the first devices to be launched with the updated Android Wear platform.

Apple and Nokia involved in an international patent scuffle

On Wednesday, Finland-based mobile network vendor Nokia filed five patent-infringement lawsuits against US tech biggie Apple, accusing it of violation of 32 Nokia patents.

The lawsuits against Apple were filed by Nokia in Germany and the US. The lawsuits basically pertain to Nokia's licensing terms for the widely used H.264 video codec and other technologies. sold out of its voice-activated Echo speakers

According to online retail giant Amazon's latest product listings, the company has sold out of its voice-activated Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot speakers. Amazon had recently announced heavy discounts on both the speakers, to pose a challenge to the newly launched 'Google Home' product with similar functions.

Apple AirPods deliveries start in Australia, New Zealand

Recent posts on social networks Twitter and Instagram have revealed that the first Australia and New Zealand customers who had ordered Apple's AirPods wireless headphones started receiving their devices a few hours back, on Monday morning in the two countries.

According to the posts, the AirPods are currently being delivered to the early buyers of the device across Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the Apple retail stores in Australia have also commenced the sales of the AirPods to customers.

Tesla will charge $0.40/minute “idle” fee for cars parked too long at Supercharger

In a blog post published on Thursday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said that it will be charging a global "idle" fee from vehicle owners who park their vehicles too long at a Supercharger. The company said that it would charge $0.40 per-minute from vehicle owners who keep their car parked at a Supercharger even after it has completed charging.

The move, Tesla said, is being undertaken by the company to ensure that its Supercharger network is not misused.

GM will test its autonomous vehicle fleet on Michigan roads

On Thursday, General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra said that the automaker will commence the testing of a fleet of autonomous vehicles on public roads in Michigan. The move will make GM the second conventional automaker - after Ford - to test fully autonomous vehicles on public roads outside its premises.

The autonomous vehicle fleet which GM will test on Michigan roads will be the company's Chevrolet Bolts.



Dubai Expo Moved to October 2021

Dubai Expo event has been moved to October 2021 due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of events planned for year 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.

Dubai Faces Major Economic Trouble due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Dubai’s economy thrives as the emirate offers free movement of people, traded goods and money worldwide and coronavirus pandemic has put brakes on many of these factors.

California Governor Gavin Newsom asks casinos to reconsider reopening plans

As more and more casino operators are eagerly announcing plans to reopen their entertainment venues after the prolonged COVID-19 shutdown, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has urged them to rec

Emirates announces more Special Flights

Emirates Airlines has announced additional flights for some routes under strict conditions.

Scientists invent synthetic bone produced with 3D printable ink

The researchers at Northwestern University, led by assistant professor Ramille Shah along with her postdoctoral fellow Adam Jakus, have developed a synthetic “hyperelastic” bone tissue produced wit

Study highlights ways to lessen cholesterol levels other than statins

Statins work great when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart events.

Compassion level for people with mental illness remains low

Mental health disorder is considered to be the most common childhood disease.