No Resolution to Children’s Hospital Space Issue

No Resolution to Children’s Hospital Space IssueIt has been recently revealed in a report that there were efforts being made by the nuns from the Sisters of Mercy for making way for the new children's hospital that is needed in the city. The group of health experts are however not too happy with the suggestion of the nuns, to offer space at the old adult hospital for the new facility.

Victorian Nurses Begin Action

Cancer Can Be Cured Merely By Thinking Right?

Liana-Werner-GrayIn a very different sort of approach towards cancer, actress Liana Werner Gray is of the view that cancer can be fought by the powers of the mind. She is of the view that the cancer patient’s thinking is responsible for his/ her death or survival.

Asbestos Dumped Across NSW

asbestosWhile there is hardly any doubt left that asbestos can have the potential side effects to people of any age, a recent report confirmed that there is large amount of asbestos-contaminated material found across NSW. It was further revealed after the investigation done by the Sun-Herald that more or less commercial contractors and home renovators are dumping the material across NSW, thereby putting the lives of people under risk.

Love Hormone Shows Significant Results in Treating Even Men

HormoneA new study has proposed that the hormone which has been best known till now for its role in sexual reproduction, in particular during and after childbirth, has powerful effects on men too.

Programs Launched To Help Protect the Endangered Species of Red Squirrels

Red-SquirrelsAs per recent reports, it has been declared that the residents of the Northern England have been specially requested to come forward and help protect and increase the population of red squirrels.

It has been unveiled that the people are appealed to report any of the conservation group after observing a red squirrel.

Researchers Claim to have found a Jab to Stop Blindness in the Elderly

BlindnessBlindness is the most common age related defect that a human body while growing elder starts facing. Supported by the scientific reasons, the age-related blindness theory says that with the growing age, the cells in retina starts becoming weak, which causes a direct effect upon the central vision of the person and causes him blindness.

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