Epilepsy Doesn’t Trigger Violent Behavior, Say Researchers

Epilepsy Doesn’t Trigger Violent Behavior, Say ResearchersA recent research over epilepsy has delinked it with the long-held belief that the disease cause violent behavior among patients. Since the 19th century, it was believed that epilepsy can make people violent. But, the recent research has questioned the long held belief of the experts.

Ban on Tobacco Displays in England Due

It seems as if governments, medical authorities as well as various non-profit firms from all over the world have now decided to tighten the screws over the rapidly increasing frequency of using tobacco, by the means of smoking or anything else. In this regard, the British Government is reminding retailers in supermarkets all over England about their deadline for removing tobacco displays, which they use for the sake of endorsement of their products, within the coming 100 days.

Frankston Hospital Facing Shortage Of Beds

Frankston-HospitalThe closure of 30-bed ward has increased the pressure on Frankston Hospital, which is known for being remaining a full-pack hospital. The Australian Medical Association said there is no place in the hospital where they could admit patients.

Australia Gearing Up To Deal with Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol-Drug-AbuseOn the New Year eve, we all pledges to improve our life by not indulging into bad habits and by giving up our unhealthy lifestyle. Similarly, the Australian Medical Association President Steve Hambleton has asked the Federal Government to come up with a better policy which would put greater emphasis over the health of the kids.

Researchers Show Thumbs UP For Coronary MRI

Coronary-MRIA research published in the Lancet and funded by the British Health Foundation has bet on cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) for detecting coronary artery disease (CAD). They have shown their thumbs down for its other option, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) for many reasons.

Neuroblastoma Led To Death Of Seven Years Old Girl

Madison-AllanAfter struggling for almost seven years, Madison Allan lost her life to rare type of brain cancer. Her death was tragic as she left for heaven soon after celebrating Christmas with her family. Many tried to raise funds for the little girl so that she could be cured from the deadly diseases. But even after their sheer efforts they couldn’t save her.

Bed Blocking Putting NHS in Tight Position

NHSThe global financial crunch has left no corner of the world unaffected whether it is industry or health sector all are grappling with the same problem of financial difficulty. It has been reported that the delay in discharge in hospitals has led to bed blocking in Yorkshire’s hospitals.

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