BATA introduces Cheap Cigarettes

BATAAs per reports, it has been revealed that the British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) has recently introduced a new brand of cigarettes known as Just Smokes. One pack of 25 cigarettes cost about $11.50, which is quite cheap when compared to other cigarettes of the same brand as well as of different brands.

Biggest Morning Tea Registers Success

Biggest-Morning-TeaAs per reports, it has been found that Australia’s morning tea event is going great guns. Next place in the line to host the Biggest Morning Tea is Eden Fishermen’s Club. One just needs to donate $5 and in return he will be treated with cookies and other delicacies that only grandmothers can cook.

Love Knows No Boundaries

messageThe following incident is a narration of a strange and quick friendship, which has again proved that love knows no boundaries. An Australian teacher Anne O'Sullivan was travelling on a cruise ship in March 2009 at the central Indonesian island of Komodo when she threw a bottle in the water, which had a message, which seek a reply.

Teenage Girl Dies after Being Misdiagnosed By GP

Alina-SaragA teenage girl died after being misdiagnosed by a GP. As per recent reports, it has been reported that a 15-year old girl died after her GP failed to administer her symptoms, which pointed towards tuberculosis. Instead, the GP termed it to be lovesickness.

It has been revealed that an investigation into the matter, as to why so many doctors failed to acknowledge the symptoms of Alina Sarag, is being carried out in Birmingham, England.

Elderly Suffer Due To Rise in Home Care Charges

Home-Care-ChargesIt has been revealed after a research into care of the disabled and the elderly by the Labour Party that elderly people now have to pay higher home care charges, which is resulting in low number of them receiving the same.

BMA Questions Use of Welsh Language in the NHS

BMA-nhsThe use of the Welsh language in the NHS is being considered as a waste of health money by the British Medical Association, a recent report has uncovered.

A Welsh government consultation, dubbed More Than Just Words, was held so as to have a discussion the use of the language. It was then said by the association that the NHS should not make it a priority to use the language when providing healthcare.

South Australian Wombat Population Adversely Affected By a Liver Disease

Liver-DiseaseAs per recent reports, it has been reported that hairy-nosed wombats in South Australia have been adversely affected by an unknown liver disease. It has been discovered that the disease leaves the marsupial with some or no fur, and thus starves it to death.

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