Lion Mujambi Getting Better Now

MujambiAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that Mujambi, the male lion at Adelaide Zoo, Australia, is gradually recovering well from surgery. Earlier the lion was operated following an incident in which the vets spotted that he was having some sort of supposed testicular cancer that could have been troublesome for the lion if not treated in the nick of time.

Casey Girls Urged to Seek Immunisation at Earliest

Sam-AzizAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that girls as young as seven residing anywhere in the City of Casey have been asked to get themselves immunized in order to fend off any sort of possibilities of falling prey to the potentially terminal cervical cancer.

UK Social Care Facing Tough Time

NHSHow long would it actually take to bring the widening gap between the NHS and social care? Perhaps no one can answer this, while the debate over the controversial Health and Social Care Bill would be commenced soon in the Lords.

Parents Lash Out over Secretive Implanting Of Contraceptive Devices

ContraceptiveIn a shocking revelation, it has been found that teenagers are being made part of a secretive scheme which allowed them to have a device inserted under their skin. The device, as long as 4cm, was told to reduce underage pregnancies. This news has come as a shocker not just for the families of the girls but to the society as a whole. It is worth asking how come neither the young girls not their families were informed about this.

Healthy People Co Recalls Diet Supplement Stock

DietIn a shocking revelation, it has been told that Healthy People Co has managed to find existence of a drug for male erectile dysfunction in their seven brands of dietary supplements. The questioned lot is confirmed to be sold at
13105 Ramona Boulevard, Irwindale, California.

DEA Drug Inquest Searches Sanford CVS Stores

CVS-storesAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that two local CVS stores are now the country’s first pharmacies whose licenses have been suspended for making sale of surplus painkillers such as oxycodone.

For each oxycodone tablet prescribed by the pharmacy on average, agents claimed that the stores raided by them were found selling 14 times more drugs than the said amount.

Generous Boris Family Extends Cancer Donation

Owen-BorisIt has been revealed in a recent report that a generous family, the Boris family, has donated a sum of $30 million towards a research and cure type patient care clinic based in Mayo. The donation has been done by the Marta and Owen Boris Foundation. It was revealed how the family, which is now giving generous donations, was once struggling a string of personal losses to cancer.

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