NSAIDs Enhances Heart Stroke Risk Among Australian Veterans

Heart-StrokeIts often said that medicines should not be taken without doctor’s prescription, as it could lead to other medical emergencies, proving the above statement true, research has been taken out, which has proved that non-prescribed NSAIDs enhances the risk of heart attack.

Victoria Grapples With Skyrocketing Rate of Diabetes

DiabetesThere seems to be no denial that diabetes is a contentious issue for governments across the world and that can be reflected from a recent report which indicated that incidence rate of life style diabetes has increased by two times in the last ten years.

NSW Foodservice Mounts Food Safety Standards

Food-SafetyAs per a recent report presented by the Local Government Activity officials, most of the members of the foodservice industry based in NSW were obeying with laws, which assisted them to shelter their potential consumers from the deadly food-borne sicknesses.

Formerly conjoined twins recovering well after separation

Formerly conjoined twins recovering well after separationIdentical twin girls Angelica and Angelina Sabuco marked with different-colored ribbons to make a distinction between them after surgeons managed to separate them from each other following a daylong operation.

Pizza Hut Offers Low Calorie Pizzetta Range

Pizza-HutThere has been a lot said over lifestyle changes and specifically eating habits. On the same lines, Pizza Hut has come up with a new range of reduced calorie pizzas which could make health conscious once again gorge on them.

It has been confirmed that the new offering in the name of Pizzetta range would give consumers chance to enjoy pizzas having calorie content limited to 500 each, including Chicken Delight, Shrimply Delicious and Virtuous Veg.

Casual Sex Sparking Cervical Cancer Threat

Casual-SexAccording to latest reports, a recent study, which has been carried out by the researchers from Manchester University, has claimed that the frequency of cervical cancer among young women has increased steadily during the last
20 years or so. In this regard, the researchers have blamed the increasing practice of having unprotected sex at a comparatively younger age, as indicated by the recent figures.

NHS Plan Failed to Combat Obesity, Says Report

ObesityObesity can be considered as an epidemic of present era where the said health condition continues to take more and more number of people under its spell, regardless of age.

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