Neurotransmitter Removal in Parkinson's Patients May Improve Brain Functioning

ParkinsonAccording to latest reports, a study carried out by researchers from the Cardiff University has discovered a novel strategy that is apparently capable in enhancing the quality of life for patients suffering from the unnerving Parkinson's disease.

Residents Will Soon Get Answers from Hospital Officials

Hartlepool-HospitalHartlepool Hospital in the region has undergone certain changes that have somehow also become a major concern for the residents. But the concern will hopefully land shortly because the health bosses have finally responded to all the questions that the residents had regarding the issue.

Argus Care Group Looking For Buyers

Argus Care Group Looking For BuyersIt has been reported that the administrators of Argus Care Group are looking for potential buyers. Unless and until buyers for the Care Group are not found, the working of the Group will be supervised by the authorities only.

Contaminated Honey Found In US Market

Contaminated Honey Found In US MarketIt has been reported that some clandestine organization is trying to defame India by exporting false homey under the tag of ‘Made in India’.  US agencies have noted that the honey coming to the country is contaminated with anti biotic and solid particles.

Logging Threat Big Fear to Lobsters in NW Tasmania

Logging Threat Big Fear to Lobsters in NW TasmaniaTasmanian Giant freshwater lobster’s life is at a big threat, reveal experts, who fear that a planned logging operation in Tasmania's north-west could threaten the life of the lobsters.

The above fears have followed the action of the Forestry Tasmania, which despite knowing that the area holds a big number of vulnerable lobsters embarked the river system near Wynyard for logging.

New Speedy Gene Test to Help Cancer Patients

New Speedy Gene Test to Help Cancer PatientsResearchers have introduced a new test, with the help of which, they can easily identify all the gene defects in the body of patients to introduce the most suitable treatment for an early recovery from the disease cancer.

Bartenders Striving for Title UGLY

Bartenders Striving for Title UGLYUGLY title has always been negatively given to people but this time, the full form of the word UGLY is not negative but positively crowning the winner as the most ‘Understanding, Generous, Likeable, You.’

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