Beware of Fake Vodka!

Beware of Fake Vodka!The Food Standards Agency has issued warning for the people who are in the habit of consuming Vodka. The agency has revealed that a fake Vodka product is being sold in the market. The agency has informed that the alleged product called Drop Vodka is not registered with UK and thus, it could be harmful.

Diet Food Could Increase Weight

Diet Food Could Increase WeightIf you want to reduce weight than go for freshly prepared low calorie food and keep your body hydrated with water. But it seems very few follow such guidelines and due to shortage of time and laziness always on the head, drags one to grocery shop looking for diet food.

AstraZeneca Unites With MRC To Develop New Treatments

AstraZeneca Unites With MRC To Develop New TreatmentsThe Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, has strike a deal with the Medical Research Council. As per this deal, they would allow MRC to access their 22 chemical compounds to design some of the best treatments for range of diseases.

Regular Mental Exercise Could Inhibit Dementia Progress

Mental-ExerciseWhile medical fraternity has been trying to find a possible solution for dementia, here comes another research which has claimed that involving regular mental exercises in daily routine could do a lot in inhibiting the growth of dementia. Thus, such patients must be told to solve puzzles or Sudoku so that their mental wiring could be given some leeway.

New Zealand Grapples With Psa-V

Psa-VIt seems that the scar of vine-killing bacteria has attacked Rotorua's altitude, as there are reports that indicated that two kiwifruit orchards are affected by the same. So far, the bacteria has been found in most of the orchards in New Zealand.

No Confirmed Date of Discharge for Billy Graham, says Report

Billy-GrahamThere is some good news for all those who are praying for the Rev. Billy Graham, as it has been told that the man is on the way to recovery now. The 93 years old man was admitted to a North Carolina hospital on Wednesday after being diagnosed with congestion, cough and slight fever.

Sydney's Bankstown Hospital joins global study to treat Crohn's disease

Sydney's Bankstown Hospital joins global study to treat Crohn's diseaseSydney's Bankstown Hospital has announced that it had participated in a global trial of a drug that is used to Crohn's disease, in a move that is expected benefit thousands of Australians suffering from the condition.

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