National Stroke Foundation Organizes Free BP Check up Campaign

BPAs per reports, it has been revealed that the National Stroke Foundation has launched the Know Your Numbers campaign. The campaign encourages Victorians to get their blood pressure checked for free at selected pharmacies and health centers across Victoria.

Western Hospital Criticized for Poor Performance

HospitalAs per the state government’s Health Services Report for October to December, it has been revealed that there is an acute shortage of hospital beds and staff. Already hospitals have been witnessing increased rush of patients, and over the top, the shortage is creating more problems.

Ambulance Victoria Opposes Austin Hospital for Rise in Ramping Hours

HospitalAs per recent statistical reports, it has been suggested that ambulances have to wait too long to hand over patients at Austin Hospital. It has been discovered that the ambulances have top ramp for more than 900 hours a month.

Health Regulators Criticized Over PIP Breast Implants; Suggested To Be More Alert

PIPAs per recent reports, it has been proposed that government and health regulators are being criticized over ways they have implemented to acknowledge people about concerns regarding medical devices.

A review regarding handling of PIP breast implants subjected that there needs to be a proper communication between both the Department and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Cancer Deaths Show Decline In Middle-Aged People

Cancer-Research-UKIn much relieved news, it has been confirmed that those at hovering around the age of 50 have somehow able to save from themselves from succumbing to death due to cancer. It was found from the report by the Cancer Research UK that there has been a drop of 40% observed in cancer deaths among people who were from 50 to 59-year-old.

BMA Wales Calls for Attention over Other Issues Instead Of Language Concerns

BMAIn a recent report, it has been confirmed by the British Medical Association Wales that there is need to make efforts in the direction of reducing waiting times and roping in more staff members to sort the existing problems.

Snake Handler Bitten By a Venomous Cobra Recovering Well

Snake Handler Bitten By a Venomous Cobra Recovering WellBizarre news, a snake handler has been reported to be bitten by a cobra during a live show at a Florida festival.

As per recent reports, it has been revealed that a female snake handler was bitten by a venomous cobra, which is considered to be amongst the deadliest snakes across the world. The incident took place this Saturday afternoon, while she was performing a show at Miccosukee Indian Tribe facility.

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