Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's Day

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's DayMr. Michael Lipman, a veteran artist has given us a new Google Doodle on this Valentine's Day. Now working for some corporate clients, the Doodle's animator has studied fine art and animation from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Angry Birds on Facebook

FacebookFacebook gives you the most refreshing chance to enjoy the most popular multi-platform game Angry Birds on its website.

Yes, the world’s biggest socializing website has recently launched Angry Birds for its users i. e. even some hours ahead of the official launch that will be held in Jakarta at 12AM EST.

Google Wallet Temporarily Suspends Provisions for Prepaid Payment Cards

GoogleAfter recently noticing about the exploitation of the Google Wallet by some crooks, Google has decided to temporarily suspend all the prepaid credit card payments in an act against the recently discovered vulnerability.

Study Reveals benefits of Soy Supplements in Treating Breast Cancer

Zioptan: A New Innovation from Merck & Co. Solution to Treat Glaucoma

MerckOn Monday, a new Merck & Co. solution for treating a common eye condition, known as Glaucome, has been proved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. According to the department, this drug Zioptan is capable of curing elevated intraocular pressure in people. This disease is a form of glaucoma or ocular hypertension and is also known as open-angle. When it happens to an individual, most of the pressure mounts upon the optic nerve of his eye.

Breast Cancer Screening Commercials In New Zealand

Breast-CancerIt has been revealed in a report recently that commercials regarding breast cancer awareness have been on air since February 12 in New Zealand. The commercials have been found to be straight-talking about the disease so as to encourage early diagnosis of the same and reduce mortality rate.

Get Your Child Vaccinated Timely To Save From Whooping Cough

Whooping-CoughOnce again a ground-breaking record in whooping cough cases has been noticed. After reviewing the figures of the last and current year, it has been found that in comparison, January 2012 is recorded with a far higher number of pertussis patients. Till now, 500 patients have been already noted down, whereas during the same time last year, the count was just 74.

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