Anti-clot Drug Delayed

DrugIt seems that medical professionals in the industry have to wait a bit more for the new anti-clotting drug (in big talks these days) because a delay by the U. S. regulators in deciding over the proposed drug manufactured from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Pfizer Inc. has pushed the date by three months to June 28.

Higher Consumption of Trans-fats Risky for Postmenopausal Women

Trans-fatsTrans-fats have always remained in discussion for their adverse affect upon a person’s health. The new additions in the same list are the findings of a recent study, which are suggesting that consumption of trans-fatty foods in higher quantities can severely affect the health of the postmenopausal women.

New Drugs to Fight Cancer

CancerBreast cancer is one of the deadliest illnesses that is affecting more and more number of people today. Thus, to help serve breast cancer patients who have unfortunately reached the severe stages of the illness with cancer spreading to other parts of their body as well, Pharmac has started funding a new drug Lapatinib which, the experts are suggesting, will prove an alternative to Herceptin (the commonly used cancer fighting drug).

Hepatitis A Outbreak Getting Better of Health Officials

Hepatitis AAs many as 19 Hepatitis A cases have been spotted recently in Auckland and nearby, as a result public health services as well as the government are pressuring forward with deep intensity towards containing any further expansion in the number of cases of the potentially dodgy Hepatitis A.

Brain Stroke Drug Developed

Brain Stroke Drug DevelopedAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a group of researchers from the Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI) has developed an advanced drug to treat patients who have been suffering from brain diseases.

Vitamin A Decreases Risk of Cancer

Vitamin A Decreases Risk of CancerIt has been recently revealed in a report that the consumption of vitamin A tends to decrease the risk of contracting skin cancer in people. The report has been conducted by a team of researchers from Denver.

Contempt Proceedings Threatened ANF

ANFAs per recent reports, it has been claimed by the nurses union that it is all in readiness to vigorously support itself in opposition to allegations related to the contempt of court, seeing that its long-running row with the State Government is rapidly escalating.

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