British Mother Forced To Take Son to Germany for Cancer Surgery

Sam-KnightonIt has been revealed recently that a mother who was forced to take her son suffering from cancer to Germany for surgery would return England this Friday. It is not that Zac Knighton’s family did not try to get his surgery in the NHS but every time it got cancelled.

Contraceptive Pills Ease off Menstrual Pain, Reveals Study

Menstrual-PainResearchers have got to know a fact which women knew for a very long time. A research that got published in the journal Human Reproduction has revealed that contraceptive pills reduce the pain that women witness during periods.

Whooping Bill for Pneumonia Cure

Whooping Bill for Pneumonia CureIn a recent report, it has been revealed that when a man from Bronx Mr. Alex Rodriguez, 28- years-old was treated for pneumonia and was handed a hospital bill of $44,776,587, he almost had an asthma attack.

Fewer U.S. Children Hospitalized for Near-Drowning, Reveals Study

Fewer U.S. Children Hospitalized for Near-Drowning, Reveals StudyAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that the number of American kids being hospitalized due to nearly drowning has fallen down to almost half of what it recorded around 20 years back.

The statements were based on a recently conducted study that recommends that public health crusades related to the harmful effects of drowning may well prove worth in the present case scenario.

Barbie to go Bald?

Barbie to go Bald?A Facebook page called “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made” was launched in December ahead of Christmas. Within just a short period of span, it has gathered as many as 119,000 fans. The page was created with the aim of supporting children with cancer.

Victorian Health System in its Worse Shape

Victorian Health System in its Worse ShapeIt has been alleged that the Victorian health system has worsened over the time as adequate funding has not been made to meet the growing demands of patients. The President of Australian Medical Association Victoria, Harry Hemley, has accused that more of the patients are made to wait longer.

Surfing Anti-Doping Test Gets Activated

Surfing Anti-Doping Test Gets ActivatedIn order to make surfing a true professional sport, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) has announced that they would now be having anti-doping policy which would be compulsory for their professional surfers. They would need to take the test every time whenever they travel other countries for surfing tours.

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