Liquor Flows West In Torrent of Misfortune

Liquor Flows West In Torrent of MisfortuneAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that impoverished suburbs like Footscray and Sunshine are being waterlogged with additional booze outlets as compared to the number of liquor outlets in their better-off neighbors.

The reports have been presented by a recently concluded study, which was carried out by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre.

Bairnsdale Hospital to Review Mass Resignation of Members

Bairnsdale-HospitalThere seems to be some fundamental issues lying in the board of the Bairnsdale hospital which has been facing lots of issues in context of the management for the past one month. It has been told that almost all permanent senior doctors have served their resignation which has left the East Gippsland hospital in shock.

Eat Less Be Sharper!

Eat-LessIt has been recently revealed in a report that dieting is good for one’s brain. This was revealed according to a new research which is of the view that when a person eats less, the brain can function better.

Norovirus Cases On the Rise, Bedford Hospital Reopens Ward

Bedford-Hospital.Every year, Britain gets severely affected by norovirus, but this time its devastation level has increased. More than 800 people have fallen victim for it and more than 40 hospitals have complaint of it.

Wales Government Determined to Reduce Cancer Rates

CancerIt has been reported that the authorities of Wales are planning to form a strategy to reduce the cancer rates. The Welsh Government has asked the medical authorities of local government, third sector and the public sector to0 work closely so that cancer rates could be minimized by 2016.

Participate To Raise Funds For Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie-Curie-Cancer-CareA cancer charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care, would be holding a number of fundraising events for cancer research in the coming times. Initially, Marks and Spencer activity would be organized by the charity at the Gyle in Edinburgh. The charity organizers are asking people to participate in the activity and help them in bringing comfort in the lives of cancer sufferers.

Is Independent Living Important? How and How Much?

Independent-LivingAn immensely interesting strategy has recently been launched with the intent of providing timely and valuable assistance to elderly people so that they can live in their own homes with ease and comfort for longer.

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