‘Disney Look’ Reviewed

disneyIn a recent report, it has been told that the Disney Look guidelines have been reviewed and now, workers would be allowed to grow facial hairs. Confirming the same, Betsy Sanchez, a Disneyland Resorts Spokeswoman, said: "Disney Look guidelines are periodically reviewed in relation to industry standards, as well as the unique environment of our theme parks and resorts”.

Remedies for Hot Flashes Still Elusive

MenopauseIt seems that it would take ample time before any suitable treatment for women facing menopause could be devised. There are many women who are facing such issues and despite numerous drugs, they could not get any sort of relief.

Royal Women’s Hospital Apologizes to Ex-Patients

New Estate Residents Face Delay in Broadband Services

New Estate Residents Face Delay in Broadband ServicesIt has been revealed by a new report that the housing estate developers have been introducing their own broadband scheme as NBN or National Broadband Network is making huge delays in delivering their services.

Stem Cell Injection Can Give Sight Back to Blind, Say Experts

Stem Cell Injection Can Give Sight Back to Blind, Say ExpertsA team of researchers at the North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre, Manchester, has revealed after its latest study that embryo stem cells play a major role in treating and improving the eyesight of patients who are officially supposed to be blind.

Robin Gibb Opposes Claims about Him

Robin Gibb Opposes Claims about HimA new report has unveiled that Robin Gibb, 62, who is a Bee Gees star, also known as a music legend, has been suffering from a fatal disease of cancer and has refused the claims of his being at death's door. He said that he has been receiving chemotherapy and it has been doing wonderfully well.

Magic Mushrooms Cut Depression, Says Report

MushroomsIn a recent report, it has been revealed that magic mushroom has a great impact on varied regions of the brain. It is being said by a team of researchers at Imperial College London that the active chemical present in the magic mushrooms has a deep effect on chief brain areas.

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