BMI Tool under Fire

BMIFor long, medical practitioners and people have been relying over BMI tool for making difference between overweight and healthy people. However, recently, a team of researchers have raised concerns over the usage of BMI tool.

Whooping Cough Taking Toll on Washington

Whooping-CoughHealth officials in Washington have recently announced about the whooping cough epidemic. It has been informed that about 640 cases of whooping cough have been reported in Washington till 31st of March, 2012.

Last year, only 94 cases of whooping cough were registered till 31st of March, 2011. Although it has been informed that whopping cough is taking its toll on innocent lives, no case of death has been reported yet.

Common Perceptions about Costs Affects Spending on Prescription Drugs

Prescription-DrugsThe effects of senior citizens and other people opting for cheaper generic pills rather than other medicines and health care is being evident in the data that has come out of the IMS health. According to their numbers, the spending on the prescription drugs did not go up in 2011 and stayed at $320 billion, which was the same the previous year.

Ireland Lifts the Restriction Ban

The Department of Health in Ireland has announced that there is no need to worry over bird flu spread, as the virus has not be found in pheasants being culled at Barryroe, Co Cork. Few days back, concerns were being raised when it was found that avian flu has been found in pheasants, which led to slaughtering of pheasants at different location.

Annual Mental Health Report Released

MentalAnnual Mental Health Report has been released and it has revealed that the asylums have made progress in the last couple of years by providing good condition to patients as well as by providing complete security for detained patients.

Elderly Woman Died After Being Left Unattended In Hospital Shower

ShowerThe people, especially the elderly folks, are admitted to hospital to make sure that they recover fast and proper care is given to them. But it seems the savior turned into a slayer. In a shocking incident, an elderly woman was left unattended in the hospital shower which led to her death. Jan Mary Proctor died after receiving serious burns of nearly two thirds of her body from the hot water when she was left unattended in the hospital shower.

Bacterium Can Stop Dengue Fever Spread

dengueAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that researchers in Australia are busy with their experiments related to a bacterium which has long hindered the spread of dengue fever to humans through mosquitoes.

In this regard, Eliminate Dengue, a research organisation, initially discovered the effects of the Wolbachia bacteria on dengue fever during 2010.

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