Attempt to combat EEE threat

Attempt to combat EEE threatBy dropping 1,450 gallons of pesticide over Southeastern Massachusetts starting tonight, the state is combating the highest risk levels of eastern equine encephalitis in decades.

Breastfeeding good for mother and baby

Breastfeeding good for mother and babyIt is the breast feeding week and a World Breastfeeding Celebration on Saturday, August 14, will be hosted by Pitt County Health Department, the Pitt County Breastfeeding Advisory Council, La Leche League and Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Breast feeding information sessions will be given at the celebration that will take place at the Pitt County Agriculture Center located at 403 Government Circle in Greenville.

Dog bites man's toe and saves life

Dog bites man's toe and saves lifeJerry Douthett, from Rockford, Michigan, was treated by his dog Kiko who chewed his infected toe.

Douthett was sizzled after getting drunk and that is when a large chunk of his toe was bit off by his Jack Russell terrier.

Ketamine helps treating bipolar disorder

Ketamine helps treating bipolar disorderA small-scale study has stated that in patients suffering from severe bipolar depression, mood can be lifted within minutes with an infusion of the anesthetic ketamine.

For treating bipolar illness about seven different drugs were tried in 18 patients but despite this they were depressed.

Overusing Internet can cause depression

Overusing Internet can cause depressionIf you are a teenager and surf the Internet too often then you might develop depression. According to a new study, Internet overuse can result in other psychiatric problems apart from depression.

Dietary supplements can be harmful too

Dietary supplements can be harmful tooConsumer Reports has compiled a report stating that about 12 ingredients found in dietary supplements should be avoided. It is because these ingredients pose a threat to health by causing liver damage, cancer, kidney problems, coma, heart problems, and even death.



Dubai Expo Moved to October 2021

Dubai Expo event has been moved to October 2021 due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of events planned for year 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.

Dubai Faces Major Economic Trouble due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Dubai’s economy thrives as the emirate offers free movement of people, traded goods and money worldwide and coronavirus pandemic has put brakes on many of these factors.

California Governor Gavin Newsom asks casinos to reconsider reopening plans

As more and more casino operators are eagerly announcing plans to reopen their entertainment venues after the prolonged COVID-19 shutdown, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has urged them to rec

Emirates announces more Special Flights

Emirates Airlines has announced additional flights for some routes under strict conditions.

Scientists invent synthetic bone produced with 3D printable ink

The researchers at Northwestern University, led by assistant professor Ramille Shah along with her postdoctoral fellow Adam Jakus, have developed a synthetic “hyperelastic” bone tissue produced wit

Study highlights ways to lessen cholesterol levels other than statins

Statins work great when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart events.

Compassion level for people with mental illness remains low

Mental health disorder is considered to be the most common childhood disease.