Pirate attacks on increase on the high seas

PiratesThe pirate attacks are on increase since the last five years on the high seas of UAE, with latest being a ship which was seized on Thursday off the coast of Somalia.

Urgent cash sought by UAE banks, as credit crunch deepens

UAE CurrencyDue to the increase in credit crisis, there was some serious tightening in the Interest rates in the UAE. Following this, the banks geared up for the possibility of having to rely upon emergency cash from the central bank.

New abras with better safety measures to be launched by RTA

New abras with better safety measures to be launched by RTAWith the aim to enhance the marine transport capacity on Dubai Creek and achieve better levels of security and safety, a new generation of abras is being unveiled by transport chiefs.

Around 700 people stranded due to UAE’s new visa rules

The new UAE Visa regulations have led to trapping of hundreds of people in Oman and Iran since they could not renew their visit visa. Most of them are Filipinos.

There are nearly 700 Filipinos, who are basically trapped in the Buraimi in Oman and Kish Island in Iran. These places are considered to be the well known exit pits for UAE visitors who want to renew their visit visas.

UAE to get the first Nokia Online Music Store in December

By December 2008, UAE will witness the opening of first Nokia Music Store in the Middle East by the worldwide mobile leaders, Nokia.

The new online music store will have a large category of music tracks that will be collected from major regional and international artists, independent labels, and up-and-coming acts.

UAE Minister has meeting with Qureshi

On Sunday, during the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Pakistan Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi had a meeting with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahayan on the sidelines of the event.

Following, UAE’s minister received a note of thanks from Qureshi for contributing in the Friends of Pakistan (FoP) forum in New York and also for extending a proposal to host the forum’s next meeting in the UAE.

Chinese dairy products banned by UAE

There surely seems to be something wrong with the dairy products of China, since many kids and animal babies were reported to have fallen ill in the United Arab Emirates, following which the Govt. has put a ban on the import of Chinese dairy products.

The ban has been introduced after the cheap Chinese milk, including baby milk and other products of various Chinese companies were found to have contents of melamine, which is used for making plastics and fertilizer.

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