Health South Corp will build hospital in Cypress

Health South Corp will build hospital in CypressIn Cypress area a forty bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital will be constructed by Health South Corporation.The hospital company from Ala in Birmingham, to carry out these plans, has signed an agreement to buy a piece of land measuring six acres located at the north east corner of highway two ninety and FM nineteen sixty. It will purchase the land from a company which is affiliated with Caldwell which is based in Houston.

Foxconn restarts operations at its factory in India

Foxconn restarts operations at its factory in IndiaFoxconn International Holdings has resumed production activities at its factory situated near the south Indian city of Chennai.

Women indicate modesty as sign of weakness

Women indicate modesty as sign of weaknessResearch indicates that females have found the rise of the "more feminine man" or "metro sexual", a big switch-off.

Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey, US found that unassuming and self-effacing men quite often are not as liked as the masculine ones.

Indian markets will see the launch of First-ever gay condom

Indian markets will see the launch of First-ever gay condomOne of India's leading condom manufacturers is planning to introduce condoms for Homosexuals as HIV infections amongst homosexuals are growing.

According to a preliminary report, amongst homosexuals discomfiture is the main reason behind non usage of condoms while having sexual intercourse. The new condom unlike usual condoms which are suited for vagina will have extra lubrication.

Labour accuses 'reckless NHS gamble'

Labour accuses 'reckless NHS gamble'The coalition Government has been accused by Labor for a "reckless gamble" with the National Health Service which according to Labor party will throw NHS into limbo.

Andy Burnham, Shadow health secretary plans to launch a national campaign dubbed "defend our NHS" which is designed to bring out the party's worries that the Government is set to bring an end to the NHS that is known to people of the UK.

Mammography detectability of tumor for women over 40 is not very effective

Mammography detectability of tumor for women over 40 is not very effectiveAccording to a study Mammography screening for women in their forties is not very effective since its detectability is very low and can't detect tumor growth rate,



Compassion level for people with mental illness remains low

Mental health disorder is considered to be the most common childhood disease.

Natuzzi Italia wins the Red Dot Award for Organic Design Concept for 2019

The Ergo collection, designed by Ross Lovegrove for Natuzzi Italia, won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2019 as a recognition for its organic design inspired by the forms of nature and the use of ren

NRI Investors can use Indian Housing investments as hedge during troubled times

The Indian real estate market right now stands in equilibrium as prices are stable across most cities in India.

Dubai’s Al Maktoum airport delayed due to economic issues: Bloomberg

Dubai’s Al Maktoum airport has been put on hold due to economic issues, as per the latest report published by Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

Amazon reportedly developing voice-recognition for Alexa

Seattle-based tech giant Amazon is reportedly developing a new feature to allow the voice assistant that powers its Echo line of speakers to distinguish between individual users based on their voic

Google engineer detects big bug leaking info from websites

A bug in a code from content distribution firm Cloudflare potentially leaked information from thousands of websites across the globe, a Google engineer recently announced.