ConDem plans to shake up NHS criticized

ConDem plans to shake up NHS criticizedConDem plans to shake up the health service were criticized by Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham yesterday and he warned that ‘It's the end of the NHS as we know it.’

Burnham said this while he was launching the party's ‘Defend Our NHS’ campaign at a rally in Manchester. The rally saw hundreds of nurses, patients and doctors attending it.

EWTD a training disaster

EWTD a training disasterAccording to the European Working Time Directive (EWTD), in the UK junior doctors are not supposed to work more than 48 hours a week. EWTD which was implemented a year ago is actually not doing justice to the training being given to doctors.

NHS might become two-tier

NHS might become two-tierWith Health Minister Andrew Lansley removing a cap on the amount of private income NHS trusts can generate, experts state that NHS would be two-tier now.

There are reports that hospitals are increasing their services to serve those patients who pay for the treatment sidelining NHS patients.

There are attempts to attract private patients and hospital bosses are trying to make money.

iPhone Dev Team releases jailbreak for iPhone 4

JailbreakWithin days of the announcement from the U.S. Copyright Office that jailbreaking to allow "handsets to execute software applications” does not violate the law, the iPhone Dev Team on Sunday released the latest jailbreak for the iPhone 4 from Apple.

Delhi traffic police uses Facebook to catch offenders

FacebookThe Delhi traffic police, under its efforts to make the city roads safer and orderly and also to catch rule-breakers, is now using an unexpected medium, Facebook.  

It started a Facebook page two months ago and already has 17,000 fans. Residents of the city post pictures and videos evidence of drivers breaking traffic laws like driving without helmets, drivers using cellphones, and cars stopped in crosswalks.

Maruti selling older Wagon R’s LPG edition

MarutiLeading auto maker Maruti Suzuki India, which recently announced the launch of a new edition of its Wagon R model, is now selling the LPG model of the older version until the LPG version of the new model is ready.



Emirates Airline Plans to Add 62 Destinations in August after COVID-19 Lockdowns

Emirates Airline has announced its plan to start flights for 62 destinations in August.

Ukrainian lawmakers approve wide-ranging gambling legalization

Ukrainian lawmakers have finally approved a measure that has been designed to legalize a broad range of gambling activities, including highly-controversial online and mobile betting, across the eas

Spearhead Studios’ “Royal Crown” expected to appeal to classic fruit slot lovers

Marbella, Spain-headquartered real-money game production firm Spearhead Studios has announced the release of the second “Super July” slot game titled “Royal Crown,” which has been designed and prod

Macau casino revenue slipped 97% to $89.7 million in June: DICJ

The high-revenue generating casino hub Macau suffered a steep year-on-year decline in its gaming revenue during the month of June as the COVID-19 pandemic-caused travel restrictions and strict quar

Emirates announces flights to 29 cities; resumes Dubai transit

Emirates Airlines has announced its flight plans for 29 cities with majority of flights for destinations in Europe and Asia.

Okada Manila Casino Resort to lay off more than 1,000 workers amid continuing COVID-19 lockdown

Okada Manila Integrated Casino Resort has been reportedly preparing to lay-off more than 1,000 workers due to adverse business conditions caused by the continuing corona virus pandemic-induced shut

Dubai Expo Moved to October 2021

Dubai Expo event has been moved to October 2021 due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of events planned for year 2020 have been cancelled or postponed.