Tesla will charge $0.40/minute “idle” fee for cars parked too long at Supercharger

In a blog post published on Thursday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said that it will be charging a global "idle" fee from vehicle owners who park their vehicles too long at a Supercharger. The company said that it would charge $0.40 per-minute from vehicle owners who keep their car parked at a Supercharger even after it has completed charging.

The move, Tesla said, is being undertaken by the company to ensure that its Supercharger network is not misused.

GM will test its autonomous vehicle fleet on Michigan roads

On Thursday, General Motors (GM) CEO Mary Barra said that the automaker will commence the testing of a fleet of autonomous vehicles on public roads in Michigan. The move will make GM the second conventional automaker - after Ford - to test fully autonomous vehicles on public roads outside its premises.

The autonomous vehicle fleet which GM will test on Michigan roads will be the company's Chevrolet Bolts.

California DMV tells Uber to stop self-driving car service in SF as it is illegal

On Wednesday, California's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) told Uber ride-hailing company to stop its self-driving car service for its passengers in San Francisco because it was illegal.

The order by the California DMV came close on the heels of Uber's earlier in the day announcement of the launch of its self-driving car service in San Francisco, making it the second US city - after Pittsburg - where Uber's self- driving car service could be availed by passengers.

Google's Self-Driving Car Project goes from research project to business enterprise

In a Tuesday blog post, Google's John Krafcik - CEO of the company's Self-Driving Car Project - has revealed that the company's effort to develop and test a self-driving car has undergone an official change of lane --- from a research project to a business enterprise.

According to the blog post, Google's Self-Driving Car Project which was previously a research project has now become a business enterprise which will, at some point of time in the future, have to be a profit-spinning venture.

Microsoft announces Surface Hub try-and-buy program

Software giant Microsoft has announced a new try-and-buy program for its gigantic Surface Hub PC, to give customers the ability to try out the Hub before actually purchasing it.

The super-sized Surface Hub PC has largely been designed as an attention-grabbing device for conference rooms, for use while video conferencing, collaboration, and digital whiteboarding. The Hub is available in two screen sizes, 55 inches and 84 inches, which are respectively priced at $8,999 and $21,999.

California DMV approves NVIDIA’s application for testing self-driving cars

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has granted NVIDIA Corporation the permit for testing its autonomous automobile technology on the public roads in the state.

The development is noteworthy because though NVIDIA is mostly known for manufacturing graphics cards, the company has steadily been pushing into the artificial intelligence (AI) arena in the last few years, with one of its key focus areas being autonomous driving technology.

Google removes “evil” autocomplete suggestion on searches for Jews and women

Tech giant Google has recently revealed that autocomplete suggestions in which the word "evil" was suggested on search phrases that started with "Are Jews." and "Are women." have been removed from the company's search engine.

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