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Unlicensed Dental Doctor Arrested

Carlos-MierDavie Police said that they have arrested an alleged unlicensed dentist. John Collazos, 47, used to take up cases of undocumented immigrants. He has also been alleged of passing offensive remarks to a woman.

Woman Fighting for Medical Use of Cannabis

Woman Fighting for Medical Use of Cannabis"I think you would have to be pretty heartless if you face these desperate people . . . they say cannabis helps and you turn them down? I don't know", Ann Vernon said. It has been found that she often asks this question to herself as she is a sufferer of chronic pain and uses cannabis to ease it.

A New Health Reform Coming Up as PMO

A New Health Reform Coming Up as PMOIn an effort to extend free GP care to people suffering from severe diseases, a new reform is planned in the name of Programme Management Office (PMO) by the Department of Health.

WHO Alerts World about SARS-like Virus

WHO Alerts World about SARS-like VirusThe World Health Organisation informed that six deaths have taken place in Saudi Arabia and Qatar due to a new virus, which is thought to be from the family of SARS. Knowing the severity of the case, the World Health Organisation has issued an international alert.

Sea Foods Affected by Toxic Algae; Health Alert Extended

Sea-FoodsEarlier, health alert was issued against the eating wild shellfish from the east coast of Tasmania, which has now been extended as toxic algae; it has been reported in two other sea foods too.

Concerns are now raised for recreational rock lobster and abalone fisheries along with the wild shellfish, after toxic algae was found in them. People are asked to avoid the sea food from Marion Bay to the Eddystone Point.

New Genital Mutilation Guidelines for Treating Victims

Genital-MutilationA recent report has indicated that doctors in NSW are not efficient enough to deal with rising cases of genital mutilation. It has been claimed that an increase has been observed in refugees from countries in Africa, the Middle East and south-east Asia to Australia and that's what calls for more directed actions from authorities concerned.

Road Show in Crawley for Alzheimer’s Awareness

AlzheimerThe Alzheimer's Society had organized a road show for helping patients of dementia. Tesco Extra in Three Bridges was visited by the same on November 23 i. e. Friday and a recent report reveals that the show would continue tomorrow i. e. November 24 as well.

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