Auto Sector

Fiat Chrysler Reports U.S. Sales Numbers with New Reporting Practices

On Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler Automobile's, American-based operations reported sales numbers after revising its reporting practices in the US, amid investigations being conducted by federal officials a

Rolls-Royce ties up withMubadalain UAE

Luxury automaker and aerospace manufacturer, Rolls-Royce has entered into an agreement with Mubadala Development Company for setting up a new Approved Maintenance Centre (AMC) inAbu Dhabi.

The two sides also confirmed plans for setting up a new manufacturing facility for producing aero engine components in the country. The Mubadala Development Company, which is an investment and development organisation based in Abu Dhabi, is aiming to create a state of the art aerospace help in partnership with the company.

Canadian Auto Sales for Detroit Three and Japan’s top Three Auto Makers Rise 7.4 Percent in June

For June 2016, the big three automakers of Detroit, Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler as well as the largest auto makers of Japan, Nissan, Toyota and Hoda posted higher Canadian sales on an annual basis. It gain is credited to the increasing demand for light trucks and along with boosted sales figures and one extra selling day in the month.

June sales across the auto industry touched new records in June, gaining 7.4 percent to 191,088 on an annual basis.

Volkswagen to pay $15 billion for US settlement

German automaker, Volkswagen AG will have to pay whopping $15 billion in cash for settlement in the United States after it was found that the company rigged emission testing on its vehicles, according to people closer to the matter

Mitsubishi Corp will Pay 100,000 Yen to Each Japanese Owners of Models Affected by Mileage Scandal

Mitsubishi Motors Corp it reeling under the scandal related to manipulated fuel-economy data in several of its models.

On Friday, the Tokyo, Japan based car maker said that in the ongoing financial year, it will book 50 billion ($479.5 million) one-time loss. That more than triples the anticipated cost related to the scandal.

Tesla to Start a ‘Gallery’ in Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles to Showcase Model X

Tesla to Start a ‘Gallery’ in Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles to Showcase Model X

Tesla is all set to expand its presence and right now has only 215 storefronts in the global market. The company is wisely making its infrastructure expansion for selling and delivering its electric cars to likely buyers.

On Saturday, Palo Alto-based Tesla Motors said, it will start one of its "galleries" in Nordstrom at The Grove. It is a Los Angeles retail multiplex that's owned by Rick Caruso, the billionaire real-estate mogul.