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For 2015, International Air Transport Association Reports Great Reduction in Numbers of Fatal Airline Accidents

The International Air Transport Association or IATA released its safety performance data on Monday for the commercial airline industry for 2015. The numbers reflected a big jump down in airline accidents compared to the previous year.

According to IATA's official website, four accidental air crashes led to136 deaths in 2015, compared to 641 deaths in the previous year. Crashes of Germanwings 9525 and Metrojet 9268 were not counted in the total fatalities of the year as the incidents were considered as deliberate acts of illegal intervention.

FAA Urged Airlines to “Reevaluate” Risks of Shipping Bulk Lithium ion Batteries

FAAIn the wake of new warnings, Federal Aviation Administration urged commercial airlines to "reevaluate" risk of shipping lithium ion batteries through cargo shipments in by air.

U.N’s ICAO Agrees to New Aircraft Emission Standards for Reducing CO2 Emissions

ICAOOn Monday, United Nations', International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), agreed to set the first emissions reduction standards for all commercial aircrafts which will come into effect for all new models over four years. However, according to environmental groups, the standards set for carbon dioxide reductions are not enough.

FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft Figures

FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft FiguresAccording to the Federal Aviation Administration, in the United States currently there are larger numbers of registered drone operators compared to registered aircrafts that are piloted by humans.

Delta Airlines Apologize to Passengers after an Incident of Fighting Flight Attendants Forced Unscheduled Landing

Atlanta based Delta Air Lines, which is the second largest airline after American Airlines, according to number of passengers carried, issued an apology letters to its passengers who were on a plane that was forced to land as two attendants got into a fist fight. The airline also offered travel vouchers or miles to those passengers through the Delta loyalty program.

Boeing Will Trim Production Rate of 747-8 from September

Chicago based Boeing Company said it will trim its production rate of 747-8 cargo plane to half starting from September. The action comes into effect due to a slump in the air-freight business. The 747-8 comes in two versions, passenger and freighter and is the largest among its jets. Softness in the cargo market is driving this cut and in September the company will decrease its rate of production or six per year or one per alternate month.