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Indian cabin crew welcomed by Emirates

In an exact opposite move from the Indian air-carriers, which presently are more focused on cutting the staff; Dubai-based international airline Emirates announced today that it would recruit more staff and would be glad to hire more Indians as cabin crew in its international operations.

Emirates Airline Vice-President (India and Nepal) Orhan Abbas, informed, "There would be no job cuts. In fact we are looking for more staff. We will be happy to recruit more Indians as cabin crew."

Burning smell leads to aborting of an Emirates flight

The Emirates airlines informed that a burning smell was detected from an Emirates flight from Australia to Dubai, following which it was aborted, and the aircraft returned back to Perth.

A spokesman informed, "All passengers on flight EK425 disembarked normally after the plane landed safely and would be rescheduled on another Emirates flight later in the day."

The airbus A340 had appoximately120 passengers.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3 launched smoothly

On Tuesday Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3 commenced operations, after years in the making, $4.5 billion, and several operational trials.

Taking care of the passengers, Emirates Airline ground staff in their unique beige and red uniforms and Dubai Airports staff in their navy blue greeted and escorted the passengers through the terminal, while keeping an alert eye out for any that might lose their way.

The passengers were also overwhelmed by the guidance provided by the staff, and they very much liked the new terminal.

New Terminal 3 of Dubai launched

On Thursday, Dubai International Airport launched a new terminal 3 (T3) and Concourse 2, which took US$4.5 billion to construct and is spread over 1.5 million square metres of glass, marble and chrome.

It will help the airport to deal with nearly 60 million passengers annually. It hopes to reach this target within three years.

T3 would open on Tuesday, following which it will handle 17,000 passengers at any given time. By December, the new terminal will deal with Emirates Airline's daily schedule of 250 flights.

Continuous slowdown of Middle East air traffic growth recorded

Continuous slowdown of Middle East air traffic growth recordedRecently, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed that during the month of August, Middle East passenger traffic growth slowed tremendously and led to record one of its biggest drops in demand in recent years for the region’s 35 airlines.

India's corporate jet market eyed by Dubai’s firm

India has been eyed by Dubai-based ETA-Ascon Star Group, which is planning to construct a business jet infrastructure by redeveloping hundreds of its small airstrips for the country’s flourishing corporate segment.

During the beginning of this year, this group had constructed Star Aviation in India, which had marked the initiation of aviation business for this group. During the same time, it had also launched ETA Star Jet for the corporate jet market in the Gulf.