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Ralph Nader Inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

On Thursday, Ralph Nader, the renowned political activist and author whose main areas of concern include consumer protection, while being inducted to the Automotive Hall of Fame, was still not all praises about the auto industry.

Nader's book in 1965, "Unsafe at Any Speed" is considered to be among twentieth century's most important pieces of public advocacy journalism.

Egg Patty at Dunkin’ Donuts Soon to Come with More Egg

People who are fond of egg patty at Dunkin' Donuts will soon get more taste of eggs as the Canton, Massachusetts based donut company and coffee house chain is making an effort to ramp up its food quality.

Dunkin' Donuts said, for a few months it has been testing a new egg formula and expects to introduce the new version with more eggs and less water and other ingredients sometime in the middle of August all over the country.

Elliott Management Persuades PulteGroup to Add Three New Members to Its Board

Atlanta, Georgia based PulteGroup, the home building company announced a strong quarterly report and witnessed its stocks climb, following the news. The company also struck a deal with Paul Singer's Elliott Management.

PulteGroup agreed to add three new directors to its board. Two of the new members will help choose its next CEO when it's current CEO Mr. Dugas leaves.

SunTrust Bank’s Brokerage Revenue Slips in the Second Quarter

The second quarter financial results of the SunTrust Bank on Friday revealed that the wealth management businesses faced a slowdown in revenue growth.

The revenue from the Bank's trust and investment management services dropped eleven percent to $75 million compared to $84 million last year same quarter. Revenue in Q2 remained flat compared to the earlier quarter.

Walmart Opens Shelves to Weather Damaged ‘Ugly’ Fruits in an Effort to Curb Food Wastage

Walmart, the largest grocer in the world is testing a pilot program in an effort to reduce the estimated wastage of 133 billion pounds of food worth about $29 billion every year in America.

It is selling weather-dented apples in 300 Florida stores at a discounted price. Although, these fruits may not look too pretty but do not differ in taste or flavor. Mainly damaged by severe storms or a stretch of hot spell or other weather related irregularities, these fruits get damaged externally, which makes them off limits from most of the grocers' shelves.

Dubai launches ‘Dubai Future Accelerators’ initiative

Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced the launch of the Dubai Future Accelerators that will help enable rapid deployment of transformative technologies in the city.