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UAE prosecutor drops charges against six Ethiopian meat exporters

The Foreign Affairs ministry of Ethiopia has announced that a prosecutor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to drop charges against six Ethiopian meat exporters.

The prosecutor in Dubai in the UAE has sued the exporters after they were accused of exporting meat to the Arab nation that did not meet the required quality standards of the UAE. A total of Eight Ethiopian companies exported

Turkey Donation Shortage Worrying the Phoenix-area Food Banks

TurkeyThanksgiving is just a few days away and turkey shortage is creating major concern. The Phoenix-area food banks like the United Food Bank, Society of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Mary’s Food Bank are still scrambling with thousands of turkey shortage and are asking for continued donations to meet the demand to provide food for the needy families.

PepsiCo Dropping aspartame from Diet Pepsi Owing to Customer Concerns

Diet PepsiConcerned over the effects of aspartame on health, American consumers are shying away from some of their favorite diet sodas, Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke.

In response to the worries PepsiCo announced that, it is dropping the ingredient, aspartame, from its Diet Pepsi. The company will be replacing aspartame with a different artificial sweetener, sucralose, which is also commonly called Splenda.

British Cadbury Import Ban in the U.S Annoys the Chocolate Lovers

British Cadbury Import Ban in the U.S Annoys the Chocolate LoversA recent agreement between Hershey's and Lets Buy British Imports has left some of the chocolate lovers utterly disappointed.

During the weekend, a news reported that due to an agreement, L. B. B. not be able to import Cadbury chocolate anymore to the U. S. from the U. K.

Low Calorie Pepsi True will go on Amazon by Mid-October

Pepsi TrueThe struggling soft drink industry is trying hard to hold on to the rails of survival and is trying desperately to bring back customers wooing them with midcalorie soft drinks.

On Wednesday, Pepsi Co announced its plans of rolling out Pepsi True by the mid of October on the e-commerce website Amazon. com.

Coca-Cola Facing Pressure from Share holders Amend Equity Plan of Employees

Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Co. has been facing strong criticism from some of the shareholder for its executive pay. As a result to amend the issue, the company on Wednesday announced alterations to the compensation plans which have set off the unpleasantness among the stakeholders.