Food Processing

Restaurant Chain Noodles & Co. Experienced a Data Breach Affecting Customer Information in 27 States

People who enjoyed some noodle, pasta, pad Thai or mac 'n' cheese dishes at Noodles & Co in the first half of 2016, might like to keep a tab on their credit card statements more closely.

The restaurant chain serving all kinds of noodle dishes experienced a data breach which might have put the customers' at five Central Florida Noodles & Co. restaurants along with many more in other states at risk. The restaurant chain reported a security breach which affected credit and debit cards.

Yuengling Agrees to Pay $2.8M fine and to Improve Pollution Control

The regulators accused Pennsylvania based beer company Yuengling of violating the Clear Water Act for dumping a high level of industrial waste into a municipal wastewater treatment facility. The company has agreed to pay $2.8 million as fine to settle charges. Additionally, it will also install new pollution control measures in two of its breweries.

On top of that, as part of the settlement Youngling will also spend $7 million to improve environmental systems at the breweries close to Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

GMO Labeling Could become Mandatory Nationwide

The Vermont law that requires labeling on foods that contain genetically modified ingredients would have come into effect from next week. Prior to that date, on Thursday, the U.S. Senate agriculture leaders a deal which puts that power from states' control to a national system which makes it mandatory for GM food products to be disclosed nationwide.

Authorities launch campaign for safely transporting food

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have launched a campaign to urge people to be cautious when transporting their food in this weather.

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) launched a social media campaign asking residents to handle their groceries with care. Experts said that the transporting the groceries from air-conditioned supermarkets to the hot weather outside to the air-conditioned cars could impact the safety of some of the food products if adequate safety measures are not taken.

GMO Foods Might not be as Scary as Thought to be

Consumption of GMO or genetically modified food has been a subject of debate for years. Almost one year back,
Chipotle Mexican Grill, the fast food chain rolled out its "G-M-Over It" campaign. The Denver, Colorado company declared it would be eliminating the use of genetically engineered food from its menu as a commitment to serve healthy food. The consumers preferring to go with GMO free options rejoiced but most food scientists did not find it to be a big issue as they say there is no need to fear the genetically modified organisms so much.

Whole Foods Shares Climb with Better –Than-Expected Earnings Report

On Wednesday, Whole Foods Market Inc, U. S's largest natural and organic grocery chain reported better-than-expected earnings for the fiscal second quarter.