Food Processing

Agthia Group Sets Up Food Processing Unit in Egypt

Agthia Group, an Abu Dhabi-based food processing and marketing company, has build a food processing factory in Egypt in order to meet its growing demand for tomato and fruit concentrate in the UAE and global markets.

According to sources, the new company has been set up with 95 per cent share ownership by the Agthia Group and a five per cent share ownership by its own entity Al Ain Vegetable Processing and Canning Factory.

Chinese dairy products banned by UAE

There surely seems to be something wrong with the dairy products of China, since many kids and animal babies were reported to have fallen ill in the United Arab Emirates, following which the Govt. has put a ban on the import of Chinese dairy products.

The ban has been introduced after the cheap Chinese milk, including baby milk and other products of various Chinese companies were found to have contents of melamine, which is used for making plastics and fertilizer.