Food Processing

General Mills, Maker of Cheerios to Start Labeling GMOs in Its Food Products

After the Campbell Soup Company announced it will label the GMO ingredients in its products, General Mills also followed the footsteps.

The more than a century old food company, General Mills, maker of Betty Crocker and Cheerios recently announced its GMO labeling plans. The cereal giant's announcement is surely seen as victory for food safety advocates and consumers who have been looking for the same so that consumers can make conscious decisions about what they eat.

A Big Slash in Pay for Coca-Cola’s CEO

Last year, there was a big pay cut for Coca-Cola's Chief Executive Muhtar Kent. His pay was slashed by forty two percent to $14.6 million. According to a proxy filing by the company on Wednesday, the top executives reported pay dropped from $25.2 million in the earlier year to $14.6 million in 2015.

Investor concerns earlier made the company change its compensation approach and in late 2014, the Atlanta based company vowed to scale back its equity-based compensation which included the stock options.

Taco Bell and Del Taco Bolster their Breakfast Menu

Last year McDonald's tested its all-day breakfast menu which turned to be a great success in the U. S markets and that's motivating other food chains to try out the option.

Irvine, California based Taco Bell and Lake-Forest California based Del Taco, the fast food restaurant chains have come up with a new breakfast menu.

To win the heart of the Americans through their wallets, on Thursday Taco Bell announced its most recent move with a new $1 breakfast menu.

Soda Companies are Focusing More on Bottled Water Looking at Current Shift in Trend and to Save Business

Soda Companies are Focusing More on Bottled Water Looking at Current Shift in Trend and to Save BusinessCarbonated drinks are out and bottled water is in, at least that is what recent trends reflect. It seems in some years sales figure of bottled water will surpass the sales of carbonated soft drink and you will be surprised to know that is what the soda giants like Coca Cola and Pepsi are really looking forward to.

Wheat Prices Expected to Firm in 2016

Commodity prices faced a decline last year as demand remained weak and the market suffered from an oversupply. One of the worst years for commodity market in 2015, could be changing soon in 2016 due to weather disturbances and the sentiments turning somewhat positive. Wheat lost more than twenty four percent in 2015.

Last year, strong harvest in some of the key producing and exporting countries led to huge wheat stocks globally. Lower demand for wheat added to the troubles with stocks moving to record high levels.

Amendments in Iowa Law Help in Expanding Craft Beer Industry

Amendments in Iowa Law Help in Expanding Craft Beer IndustryEven one year back the craft beer fans could buy Backpocket Brewing's Slingshot lager beer in Davenport or Bettendorf. However, just across the Mississippi River, on the side where Illinois lies, no beer from Coralville-based Backpocket was available.