Insurance Sector

Nine Health Insurers in Colorado Looking for Premium Rise

Most insurers are seeking a rise in premiums from next year. If the "market correction" in the health insurance world happens, many people will face the music with rising insurance costs.

Most people blame it on Affordable Care Act or the ACA often called Obamacare and the alterations which it brought to health care in the country.

UnitedHealth Leaving Golden State’s Covered California

The biggest health insurer in America, UnitedHealth is abandoning several U. S markets and is planning to sell full plans in only three of the U. S states, Virginia , Nevada and New York.

In April, without giving out much detail, the insurer announced that it is planning to ditch most but a "handful" among the thirty six statewide individual insurance marketplaces in which it already operates and sells Affordable Care Act plans.

Several Insurance Companies Propose Increase in Individual Health Insurance Policies

Several of the health insurance companies proposed rate increases that averaged to 22.3 percent in 2017 for individual policies available on the health-insurance exchange that has been created by federal health reform.

Freddie Mac Made Losses in the First Quarter But Not Too Big for a Government Infusion

On Tuesday, Freddie Mac, the mortgage buyer said it made losses in the first quarter. However, the mortgage finance giant said the losses were not too big force it to request a government infusion.

Freddie Mac reported loss of $354 million in the Q1. Freddie is susceptible to quarterly losses as its derivative swing as they are sensitive to changes in the interest-rates.

HSBC report shows UAE citizens are least likely to insure families

A new report from global financial giant, HSBC has shown that the citizens of the United Arab Emirates are least likely to buy insurance.

The HSBC's Power of Protection 2016 report said that people in the UAE were found to be the least interested in buying insurance in a study of a total of 12 countries. The report said that the citizens of the country were least likely to buy insurance for ensuring they and their families are financially protected in an unforeseen event.

Health Insurer Anthem Inc Files Lawsuit against Express Scripts

On Monday, Anthem filed a lawsuit against Express Scripts Holding Co. for approximately $15 billion in damages, in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. That heightens a dispute which has been bubbling for about one year.

Anthem described in the complaint how it time and again made an effort to negotiate better drug prices with Express Scripts but was rebuffed or ignored. However, the pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts called the lawsuit "without merit."