Report says ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerability is till s significant security threat

HeartbleedAccording to a new report by the Errata Security blog, the two-month-old 'Heartbleed' vulnerability is still a significant security threat. The vulnerability underscores a critical security error in the OpenSSL software which powers the systems that facilitate the secure transfer of data across the entire Internet.

IE exploit release can potentially lead to increase in cyberattacks

ExplorerAccording to a PCWorld report, attack code which is capable of exploiting an unpatched vulnerability detected in all supported versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) web browser has been released into the wild.

The report implies that the release of the IE exploit - called CVE-2013-3893 - can potentially lead to an increase in cyberattacks, and can affect IE users.

G4S Plans to have Himanshu Raja as New Chief Financial Officer

G4SIn an effort to fight back, chief executive of the troubled security contractor G4S will come up with the first clues about his strategy for the company on Wednesday. Also, it will announce the appointment of a new finance director.

EMC Add To Its Developing Security; Buys Silver Tail Systems

EMCRecent reports have revealed that EMC will be buying privately owned Silver Tail Systems, which is a supplier of software that helps administer Web fraud. Tuesday, EMC signed an agreement to acquire the system.

There has been no mention regarding the terms and conditions included in the deal. With this new deal EMC has joined with it another system which will be a part of its developing security.

Inquest Proves Oracle’s Java Security Patch ‘Flawed’

OracleThough, SANS Institute's Internal Storm Center (ICS) and Websense, a security firm, have come up with two different reports regarding Java security patch by Oracle. It has been revealed by a latest report that both of them have identified almost same shortcomings.