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Customers opting social networks for complaints

Customers in the digital age are increasing option for social media platforms to register their complaints against companies.

Trends showed that customers used social networks like Facebook feed or Twitter timeline to express dissatisfaction or anger over products or services purchased by them. Some are also increasing opting for the sites to simply ask questions from the company directly. It is not uncommon to find someone on social media posting comments to express dissatisfaction over a product or a service purchased recently.

Facebook Still Won’t Give up on Its Online Store Efforts Trying to Attract more Ads

Facebook Still Won’t Give up on Its Online Store Efforts Trying to Attract more Ads Is Facebook shifting from socializing to e-shopping?

Facebook has been testing a system that allows e-commerce on its pages. It is being called F-commerce and Facebook is trying it out with a few companies without naming any.

German cartoonist apologizes for creating Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘large-nosed octopus’ cartoon

Mark-ZuckerbergWith Jewish groups accusing German Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung of anti-Semitism for creating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's 'large-nosed octopus' cartoon, an apology has been extended by cartoonist Burkhard Mohr for causing offense to Jewish people.

Yahoo Brings Back Tabs in a Smarter Way

YahooIt has been seen that managing tabs is not an easy task. It seems that Yahoo has also got to know about the problem; therefore, they made certain changes through which people could check mails, drafts and search results.

But Yahoo has got feedbacks that many people have bene missing tabs. This has led Yahoo to again introduce tabs, but this time in a smarter way. Yahoo said that the users will see an option of Preview All.

To avoid 'awkward Likes' on sad statuses Facebook Comes up with 'sympathise' button

FacebookTo save users the embarrassment of hitting `Like' even for sad news, solely because they lack any option, Facebook has come up with an alternative as a `sympathise' button

A Facebook engineer developed a `Sympathize' button for the times when `Like' just isn't appropriate.

This button will come handy when, your Facebook friend's dog passed away, or maybe your friend was just laid off.

Hackers Spoil Facebook Page of Colin Powell

Hackers Spoil Facebook Page of Colin PowellAccording to recent news, hackers have attempted to spoil the Facebook page of the former US Secretary of State. The page was reported to post some private pictures and other comments about ex-president George Bush.