Technology News

FBI Seeking Google’s Aid in Unlocking Confiscated Android Phone

FBIAfter having difficulties in cracking the code of an Android phone, FBI has asked Google for help. The Android phone is said to be of a convicted San Diego pimp. The team of FBI is in need of help to crack down the password of the phone so that they could gather necessary details from the phone.

AT&T Trying to Settle Dispute with iPhone User

iphoneIt has been reported that the AT&T has recently contacted an iPhone user who previously sued the firm for slowing down his unlimited data plan. Following the allegation, the court ordered AT&T to pay $850 to the user.

The Application Race

ApplicationIt has been recently revealed how the famous You Tube lecturer, Salman Khan has now made his way to the ipad. He is a former hedge fund manager and has come up with the idea of giving lectures about physics, chemistry, math and history, on the social video broadcasting site.

New Game Move

gamingIt has been recently revealed in a report that Sina from China and Dena from Japan have joined hands for cooking up a new hue for the challenging gaming market of the world. Both the firms have joined hands in order to be able to form new types of games which are fully packed with the most novel features which shall interest audiences in the future. This is basically being done for the gaming on mobile phones.

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's Day

Google Gives New Doodle on This Valentine's DayMr. Michael Lipman, a veteran artist has given us a new Google Doodle on this Valentine's Day. Now working for some corporate clients, the Doodle's animator has studied fine art and animation from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Angry Birds on Facebook

FacebookFacebook gives you the most refreshing chance to enjoy the most popular multi-platform game Angry Birds on its website.

Yes, the world’s biggest socializing website has recently launched Angry Birds for its users i. e. even some hours ahead of the official launch that will be held in Jakarta at 12AM EST.