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Nokia to Lay Off 4000 Employees

nokiaAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that Nokia has suffered a major 1.4 billion dollar loss in its third quarter sales of 2011. The loss has made the company officials decide that they would lay off 4000 employees in three countries, Mexico, Hungary and Finland.

Plane Crash Kills CEO of Micron

Steve-AppletonA recent report has unveiled that Steve Appleton, who was a stunt pilot as well as an off-road rally driver and above all, the CEO of Chip Maker Micron died on Friday morning. It has been found that the pilot died because of an experimental plane crash that occurred at the Boise Airport.

Mozilla Corporation Unveils Firefox Version 10

Firefox 10It has been recently revealed in a report that Firefox version 10 has been unveiled by Mozilla Corporation. This is going to be compatible for use with Macs, Windows, Androids and Linux devices. This is the second hurried launch made by the firm. This is because the Firefox 10 has come out merely 6 weeks after the version 9.

HRD Clears Air, DIT to Manage Tendering Process for Upgraded 'Aakash'

AakashA recent report has confirmed that the upgraded version of the much-talked-about, world's cheapest tablet PC, Aakash, would be fully managed by the Department of Information Technology. As of now, the development and manufacturing of all the IT and electronic products is managed by Department of IT.

Amazon Bribing People to Write Good Stuff about Them

AmazonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the famous site Amazon has been accused of bribing its customers, so that they write five star reviews for the site. It is undoubtedly one of the best online retail sites, but this allegation of paid reviews has surely plucked out a few feathers off its cap.

Smart Devices Help Patients Who Suffer from Memory Loss

Memory-LossPatients who experience severe memory loss due to brain injury may be encouraged to use a portable touch screen device. Researchers from the Royal Rehabilitation Center in Sydney found that patients can remember daily tasks such as taking medication and recalling names and faces.