Amazon reportedly developing voice-recognition for Alexa

Amazon reportedly developing voice-recognition for Alexa

Seattle-based tech giant Amazon is reportedly developing a new feature to allow the voice assistant that powers its Echo line of speakers to distinguish between individual users based on their voices.

The Alexa voice assistant, just like Apple Inc.'s Siri, is capable of interpreting and responding to voice commands such as "What movies are playing tonight?" or "How's the weather?" However, voice-enabled smart speakers lack voice-recognition and thus can't distinguish who is asking for something.

Arkansas police seeks data from Amazon Echo device for murder case

In a development which marks a new era of sorts for the Internet of Things (IoT) category of connected devices, detectives in an Arkansas murder case have sought a search warrant asking bigwig online retailer Amazon to hand over data -- audio or records -- from an Echo device belonging to the suspected murderer. sold out of its voice-activated Echo speakers

According to online retail giant Amazon's latest product listings, the company has sold out of its voice-activated Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot speakers. Amazon had recently announced heavy discounts on both the speakers, to pose a challenge to the newly launched 'Google Home' product with similar functions.

Amazon will Test Its Drone Delivery in the U.K Under a New Partnership

Amazon for years has been trying to expand its drone delivery testing and in the U.S, the company did not get permission to pilot the flying machines beyond the operator's line of sight.

Now, Amazon has partnered with the British government in that effect and can expand its drone testing efforts notably. This move could permit Amazon's drone deliveries of packages to British homes much earlier than in the U.S.

Amazon Video App will Allow Storing Videos on SD Card for Offline Viewing

When it comes to watching video on mobile, many options are open with the easiest being using streaming apps, like Netflix or Hulu.

However, the Amazon Prime members might choose to go with the Amazon Video Android app which is most probable to be installed on the subscriber's device and as Prime comes with an assortment of subscription-included video content which its members can watch.

Amazon’s Prime Day; A Closer Look at how did it Go

Now that Amazon's Prime Day is over, it's time to take a look whether this year the online retail giant was able to create some excitement among its Prime members.