Bank of England

Food inflation will Drop Soon

inflationThe lingering cost-of-living that was squeezed on household budgets could ease much more rapidly than expected by the Bank of England. This was said yesterday by the experts. They also said that declining prices of food is responsible for this.

This judgment was made by the Bank's consumer price index (CPI). The standard cost of living decreased from 2.8% to 2.7% in August. This was the lowest percentage ever noticed since April.

Bank of England Plans to Introduce Plastic Notes by 2016

Bank-of-EnglandThe Bank of England recently announced that plastic notes are almost ready and could be released by it in 2016.

In the opinion of the bank, the wipe-clean, smaller notes would probably match currency throughout the world. The notes have the ability to remain cleaner and more secure. In fact, these could survive a washing machine spell.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney speaks about Savers

Bank-of-EnglandRecent updates have unveiled that the savers have been affected by rock- bottom interest rates. This fact was brought into notice by the Bank of England's new governor.

Mark Carney's first speech encapsulated an expression of sympathy for the thrifty savers, including millions of pensioners.

More Quantitative Easing could be Required

Bank-of-EnglandOne of the central bank's top policy makers has said that a smooth economy recovery is not yet assured and the Bank of England has not ruled out the possibility of fresh stimulus measures. Martin Weale told the Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday that he can see future circumstances in which it would not be wrong to undertake further asset purchases.

Consumer Price Inflation in Control in UK; Property Prices Rise

Consumer Price Inflation in Control in UK; Property Prices RiseBritish Consumer price inflation remained lower in July at 2.8 percent compared to 2.9 percent during June. As the clothing costs, footwear and airfares were down, the inflation data remained lower. Across the country, retailers reduced the prices of clothing and offered discounts. The gas prices were higher in UK during July.

Bank of England's Policy to Increase Inflation

Bank-of-EnglandA new policy, devised by the Bank of England, poses the risk of increasing inflation. A leading expert has warned that forward guidance could have inflation soar higher than the Bank's 2% target.