BBC Newsnight Journalist’s Partner Gives Birth in front seat of their Vauxhall Astra

"Wow! My amazing partner has given birth to our 2nd son in the front seat of my car!! Mum & baby Sean safely in hospital and fine", said a BBC Newsnight journalist.

Joe Lynam is the Business correspondent. He left his girlfriend Riina in their car to ask for help. During this brief period, she gave birth to a child at 2am this morning. After asking for help from staff members at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, he returned. But, he found that his girlfriend had given birth to 7lb baby on the front seat of the Astra.

The First Life on Earth May Have Emerged in Polar Seas

Life-EarthAccording to a new report, the first life on earth might have emerged in polar seas. Also, it might have originated from underwater icicles of death. A team of scientists suggested that life may have been made possible by sea ice, instead of warm oceans.

Mystery under Deep Blue Ocean

Indian-OceanAccording to the reports confirmed by BBC news, there are pieces of ancient islands which were found at the floor of the Indian Ocean.

Discovery News suggested that these islands were formed due to tectonic plate movements and existed way back roughly 170 million years ago during which, supercontinents were present on the earth's surface.

Timely Treatment Not Being Provided To Patients

ambulanceIt has been reported by the BBC that a majority of patients arriving at London hospitals by ambulance are either left in corridors or are left in the vehicles only. The BBC collected the data from the department of Freedom of Information.

Virgin to sell its half of UKTV

Virgin Media BBCIt appears that Virgin Media will be selling off approximately half its stake in UKTV which it jointly owns with BBC World.

UKTV boasts of channels such as Dave and Gold, which broadcasts comedies which are re-runs and other classic shows. It also airs ten channels in total, with a list of channels such as Alibi, Home, Good Food, Blighty and Yesterday.

Project Canvas in a lookout for Device Partners

Project Canvas in a lookout for Device PartnersProject Canvas seeks for manufacturers who wish to develop hardware that will aid in this unique project offering.

Tech Radar claims that the IPTV project, led by BBC has officially asked the renowned names of manufacturing industries to help create a Canvas-enabled hardware device.

The device might be a DVR, Internet-connected television or could be a set-top box.