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British Airways Aircraft’s 2 Emergency Landings Make Passengers Furious

British-AirwaysAs per recent reports, it has been unveiled that a British Airways aircraft had to make two emergency landings due to the same fault. The Boeing 747 was scheduled for London and was carrying 300 passengers.

Passengers are quite angry and have alleged that British Airways has put their lives at risk. The flight found problem in the wing flaps and it turned back to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

British Airways 747 forced to Land Due to Technical Issue

British-Airways-747-forced-LandBritish Airways 747 was recently forced by a minor technical fault in it to turn back to Heathrow. On Monday, the Hong Kong-bound jet had taken flight at 6.20 pm, but at 9.15 pm only, it had to return after dumping fuel.

Passenger Ashley Steel said that they had flown for around 90 minutes, discarding fuel before returning. And they did not make a delay while locating that there was a technical issue.

BA cabin crew to vote for the new offer

British-AirwaysAccording to the spokeswoman from the Unite union team corroborate that the ballot papers may be forwarded to the members of the union on Tuesday and the union makes no suggestions on whether its team shall vote for or against the acceptance of the company's offer which is in their argument over the pay and conditions.

Notes on British Airways June Traffic

British-AirwaysOn Monday the British Airways June traffic was calculated in terms of revenue passenger kilometers, dipping by 11.1% and further added that during first nine days of the month the services were affected by the industrial commotion by the Unite union that represented the cabin crew.

Fresh Offers to Resolve Crew Dispute: BA

British Airways Crew Kicks Off a 5-Day Strike