BT Improve Fiona Stanley Hospital’s Communication Services

BTAccording to reports, British Telecommunications (BT) recently announced that soon they would be appointing 70 extra workers in Western Australian.

On the other hand, Lisa Altman, BT Australasia's Health Practice Director, quoted that in order to improve the communication across the Fiona Stanley campus buildings, the organization would also be fixing up a fixed Local Area Network (LAN) services.

15 million Brits add to BT broadband network

15 million Brits add to BT broadband networkBT has proclaimed of reaching another landmark, with the increase in users reaching upto to a surfing level on its broadband network reaching 15 million in UK.

The addition of customer base in itself is an achievement, but the stats comprise of users of unbundled ISPs on the network, so the figures also include people who are also listed as customer base in form of Sky and TalkTalk.

BT broadband ad affected by ASA ban

BT broadband ad affected by ASA banBT has been hit twice in the present month in regard of advertising of its broadband products.

As reports stated three weeks ago, an advertising related to the fibre-to-the-cabinet offering 40Mbps Infinity service was tagged in form of Advertising Standards Authority, and BT was compelled to reinstate the tag-line to “instant Internet”.

BT to offer faster broadband for 140,000 North West citizens

BT logoA news of rejoice for the inhabitants of Allerton, Kirkham, Middlewich, Penrith and a number of other exchanges around the North West comes from BT who pledges to provide a better, faster broadband service.

Considered to be a part of its 21CN programme, BT has stated that it will release a faster broadband service in twenty communities of the region, expanding in over140,000 homes and businesses. The process is believed to get over by spring 2011.

BT Fibre Broadband Ad forbidden by ASA

BT Fibre Broadband Ad forbidden by ASAThe UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has disallowed a commercial of BT fibre broadband services that ensures of an "instant" internet connection, the Guardian reports.

The reports further adds, that the promotional campaign of BT permits users in easy streaming of high-definition videos, TV serials, at the same time visit websites and download items on the go.

Low Moor soon to get BT fibre

BT recently pronounced that it is aiming to connect Low Moor, in Yorkshire, with fibre based optic broadband network making it accessible to the UK's most rural communities.

It might soon sound as a low sounding deal for most of the natives but the internet service provider sounds this deal to be an offering that may be placed for the ultra rural crowd situated at the edge of Bradford.

Nevertheless these things fall short when it comes to experiencing superfast broadband services delivered through the latest fibre optic technology.