Emirates Airlines

Airlines lobby against the government

emirates-airlineSome of the major airlines have come together and have lobbied against the government. Surprisingly, the airlines are- Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines and they have backed their rival European and American carriers for providing them with government support and also export credits for the purchase of Boeing Airbus.

Jobs at risk in UAE airline feud

Emirates AirlineCanada's refusal flashed the political argument of the UAE's order for its two airlines, Emirates and Etihad. These airlines were to fly into three Canadian cities by the daily routes from Dubai. The UAE replied in answer as they booted the Canadian Forces out of a Dubai base. They had been using to point operations in Afghanistan. Canadian visitor's visa limitations were stroked.

JetBlue join hands with Emirates

JetBlue EmiratesIn an announcement which may prove to be very important for the global aviation industry, JetBlue Airways is teaming up with Emirates Airline. It is to be mentioned here that as per the terms of the deal, the duo will pair and will sell tickets on each other's flights.

Emirates begetting super jumbo on Indian soil

Emirates begetting super jumbo on Indian soilThe Emirates Airline fluttered in the initial Airbus A-380 super jumbo with 517 passengers on the scheduled business maneuver into India on Thursday, and was greeted and embraced at the pristine new Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport via bending squirts of water in an aviation industry gesture.

Dubai's Emirates Airline suffers heavy loss due to ash

Emirtes-AirlinesDue to the ongoing volcanic ash issues, the European air travel is facing troubled times and has already cost Emirates Airline US$50 million.

The Dubai-based carrier told that it lost an income from 18,000 passengers a day since the airspace across the United Kingdom and much of Europe remained closed.

Emirates to cover Tokyo now

Emirates-AirlineEmirates, the award-winning airline's inaugural non-stop flight from Dubai to Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, would be joined by passengers from nine gateways across Emirates' Middle East network early on Sunday morning.