Emirates Airlines

Emirates will add 22 weekly flights to India

Emirates airline has informed that it will soon start 22 weekly flights to India.

According to sources, adding of new flights is a further expansion of company's India operation as Emirates Airline propels itself to become one of the world's fastest-growing aviation companies.

The sources further added that Dubai-based airline will enhance flights as a support for the Indian government's ambitious growth plan to attract 100 million travellers in fiscal 2010.

Emirates Airline results review

Despite the global economic downturn, Emirates Airlines has reported a full year net profit of Dh 982 million for the financial year 2008-09, down 80.4% over its 2007-08 record profits of Dh 5 billion, on declining passenger numbers and record fuel prices.

Emirates stated in a communiqué that the profit for the overall group, including Dnata and Emirates Sky Cargo, went down 72% to Dh1 billion compared to the previous year's record profits of Dh 5 billion.

Emirates Airline net profit down 72% in FY 2009

Emirates Airline, the Middle East's largest air-carrier, has announced that it has recorded a sharp 72% decline in its net profit, which stood at 1 billion dirhams ($406 million) for the financial year ended on March 31, 2009.

The company had clocked a profit of 5 billion dirhams ($1. 45 billion) in fiscal 2008.

The Group's revenues have witnessed handsome 10.4% growth at 46 billion dirhams ($12.6 billion) from 41 billion dirhams ($11.4 billion) last year.

Emirates hopeful to see profit this fiscal

On Tuesday, it was confirmed by the head of Emirates that no orders would be delayed by the fat-growing airline orders for new aircraft through at least 2011. The aviation major also expects to turn into profit even as the global downturn decreases demand for global air travel.

It would be worth mentioning that the world's top buyer of the double-decker Airbus A380 is Emirates, which is an important customer for Chicago-based Boeing Co apart from being the biggest hauler of international passengers outside Europe and the United States.

Indian cabin crew welcomed by Emirates

In an exact opposite move from the Indian air-carriers, which presently are more focused on cutting the staff; Dubai-based international airline Emirates announced today that it would recruit more staff and would be glad to hire more Indians as cabin crew in its international operations.

Emirates Airline Vice-President (India and Nepal) Orhan Abbas, informed, "There would be no job cuts. In fact we are looking for more staff. We will be happy to recruit more Indians as cabin crew."

Burning smell leads to aborting of an Emirates flight

The Emirates airlines informed that a burning smell was detected from an Emirates flight from Australia to Dubai, following which it was aborted, and the aircraft returned back to Perth.

A spokesman informed, "All passengers on flight EK425 disembarked normally after the plane landed safely and would be rescheduled on another Emirates flight later in the day."

The airbus A340 had appoximately120 passengers.