Virgin Galactic Gets Spaceship License from U.S Authorities

Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight company within the Virgin Group, made a big leap in the race of getting tourists to space.

U.S. authorities have granted the space tourism company owned by billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson a license by to resume testing of its rocket plane after its fatal crash in 2014.

The operator license for SpaceShipTwo granted by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation will allow Virgin Galactic to start the basic groundwork for regular trips to space.

FAA Seeking to Impose $350,000 Penalty on Amazon for Improperly Labeled Leaky Shipment

On Monday, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it is seeking to impose penalty $350,000 on Amazon for violating hazardous materials regulations.

The civil penalty is related to a packaging issue of "Amazing! LIQUID FIRE," which is a heavy duty drain cleaner with a sulfuric acid base.

Amazon shipped the product through UPS on October 15, 2014 which allegedly was not properly packed and some amount leaked through the fiberboard box.

FAA Says It has Found a New Device to Successfully Detect Drones and Locate their Controllers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that have found a way to detect drones that fly close to airports. The device which they say could help in preventing future mid air collision also can find the controllers of the drones on the ground.

FAA Urged Airlines to “Reevaluate” Risks of Shipping Bulk Lithium ion Batteries

FAAIn the wake of new warnings, Federal Aviation Administration urged commercial airlines to "reevaluate" risk of shipping lithium ion batteries through cargo shipments in by air.

FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft Figures

FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft FiguresAccording to the Federal Aviation Administration, in the United States currently there are larger numbers of registered drone operators compared to registered aircrafts that are piloted by humans.

FAA’s Drone Registration Might be Great but is the Program Legal Argues Drone Attorneys

FAA’s Drone Registration Might be Great but is the Program Legal Argues Drone AttorneysLast week the FAA officials said to the state and local authorities only the federal government has the right to regulate drones or the remote-controlled aircrafts which are fast gaining popularity.

This week, the Pima County restated a ban on flying drones in public parks. It's a policy which they later said is not a violation of the federal regulations.