Facebook glitch sends email messages to wrong recipients for a “short time”

Facebook glitch sends email messages to wrong recipients for a “short time”A late Wednesday malfunction with the Facebook software update, which, for a “short time” resulted in the sending of the email messages to wrong recipients, has raised privacy-related concerns on the social networking site.

Facebook registers record number of surfers in UAE

Facebook-LogoThe social networking website-Facebook, has been slowly becoming very popular in the UAE with around half of the UAE's internet users maintaining account with the site. Facebook offers more pages to UAE viewers as compared to Saudi Arabia, which has around 300,000 more members.

Facebook and MySpace to be Pulled into Outlook by Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoft Corp. is taking another significant step towards turning Outlook, the company's desktop e-mail program, into a center for information from popular social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace.

On Wednesday, Microsoft is all set to release a "beta" test version of the Outlook Social Connector. The add-on software, which was first brought to the discussion table in November of 2009, manages add a new pane to the main e-mail reading screen on Outlook, Microsoft's mail client.