Facebook has Still Not Responded to Repeated IRS Tax Summons

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a petition in order to pressurize Facebook Inc. to hand over information to the Internal Revenue Service regarding transfer of assets to social networking companies Ireland based holding company.

The U.S. Government Proposes Screening Facebook and Twitter Accounts of Non Citizen Travelers

The rise of social media is no doubt bringing the world closer but many believe it's also making easy for the terrorist to recruit and spread messages and influence others using the platforms.

The U.S government is also planning to snoop around the Facebook profiles of non-citizens travelers entering country, using it as a means to control terrorism.

Customers opting social networks for complaints

Customers in the digital age are increasing option for social media platforms to register their complaints against companies.

Trends showed that customers used social networks like Facebook feed or Twitter timeline to express dissatisfaction or anger over products or services purchased by them. Some are also increasing opting for the sites to simply ask questions from the company directly. It is not uncommon to find someone on social media posting comments to express dissatisfaction over a product or a service purchased recently.

Glenn Beck to meet Zuckerberg on Wednesday

Glenn Beck to meet Zuckerberg on WednesdayGlenn Beck, the head of embattled The Blaze and leading conservative, is planning to hold a meeting with billionaire co-founder of social networking giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

Facebook to announce chatbots and Live Chat options at F8 conference

It is widely believed that social networking giant, Facebook will announce tools for the development of chat-bots and Live Chat Web related technologies for businesses at the F8 conference in San Francisco next week.

Several sources and a leaked Facebook document showed that the company is planning to offer these technologies as part of its Messenger service and release API tools for developers during the upcoming event next week.Chatbots are chat robots that use artificial intelligence and human communication to hold conversations and perform tasks for users.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg Donates $31Million Facebook Stock to Charities

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer has donated 290,000 shares of company stock to different charities. The amount the shares are worth is approximately $31 million.

Reported by a source, familiar with the plans of Sandberg, most of the money will go to different empowerment groups for women and Lean In, the nonprofit organization and online community dedicated to helping all women achieve their ambitions. It was founded by Sandberg.