Facebook’s new ‘DeepFace’ face recognition system has nearly the same accuracy as humans

Facebook’s new ‘DeepFace’ face recognition system has nearly the same accuracy as humansIn a move which marks a noteworthy advance for facial recognition software, researchers at social network Facebook have developed a complex new artificial intelligence system which has facial-detection ability that is nearly as accurate as that of humans.

German cartoonist apologizes for creating Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘large-nosed octopus’ cartoon

Mark-ZuckerbergWith Jewish groups accusing German Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung of anti-Semitism for creating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's 'large-nosed octopus' cartoon, an apology has been extended by cartoonist Burkhard Mohr for causing offense to Jewish people.

Zuckerberg to sell 41.1 million shares of Facebook

FacebookLast year Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook paid an estimated $1 billion in taxes, which was considered one of the biggest payments ever until now.

To avoid 'awkward Likes' on sad statuses Facebook Comes up with 'sympathise' button

FacebookTo save users the embarrassment of hitting `Like' even for sad news, solely because they lack any option, Facebook has come up with an alternative as a `sympathise' button

A Facebook engineer developed a `Sympathize' button for the times when `Like' just isn't appropriate.

This button will come handy when, your Facebook friend's dog passed away, or maybe your friend was just laid off.

Awkward Facebook Posts May Cause Anguish and Embarrassment

FacebookAccording to a new study, it has been discovered by the researchers that awkward posts on facebook can cause embarrassment to people to a great extent.

This study has revealed that due to unwanted as well as superfluous posts many users suffer from anxiety as well and anguish at the same time.

Facebook Promoting Binge Drinking: Experts

DrinkingAccording to a latest report, experts believe `Facebook' is persistently promoting binge drinking among young people as it has become saturated with official as well as unofficial alcohol marketing.

Sources said Facebook is relentlessly attracting people towards the trend of binge drinking, which is not good news for the concerned authorities.