Michigan establishes regulations for testing, use, and eventual sale of self-driving cars

In a Friday move which marks a momentous advance in self-driving car policy making, Michigan became the first US state to establish regulations for the testing and use of self-driving cars as well as their eventual sale.

Google rolls out new ‘PhotoScan’ app for iOS and Android

In a recent announcement, Google has revealed that it is launching a new app called 'PhotoScan,' to enable users to scan their old photos.

Announcing the rollout of the new PhotoScan app, Google said that the app is now available globally for free, for the iOS and Android platforms.

Google Photos team releases new ‘PhotoScan’ app for Android and iOS

The team behind Google Photos has recently announced the launch of a new app - called 'PhotoScan' - for the Android and iOS platforms. The app, available with effect from November 15, gives users the ability to convert their old photos into digital prints, and save them to the cloud with a single tap.

With the help of the new PhotoScan app, users can easily scan their old prints which can be saved with all other digital photos that they have stored in their Google Photos collection.

Google refutes EU’s allegations of abuse of control AdSense and comparison shopping results

Google refutes EU’s allegations of abuse of control AdSense and comparison shopping resultsIn a post published on Thursday, November 3, US tech giant Google has resolutely defended its practices, rebuffing the European Union (EU)'s antitrust claims against the company's advertising and Internet shopping services.

Some of the best Clear Cases for Pixel and Pixel XL handsets in US

The users of Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL flagship handsets in the US can opt for Clear Cases for their devices if they want to purchase a case which neither makes the handset look bulky nor obscures its color.

Clear cases are apparently a perfect choice for the owners of Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets because they are slim and light cases which minimize extra bulkiness. Such cases are ideal for discreet protection of handsets, even though they provide a comparatively lesser level of protection than rugged cases.

YouTube videos show Google Pixel is more durable than indicated by the company

According to indications from two separate YouTube videos, the newly-launched Google Pixel handset is apparently more water resistant and more durable than what is conveyed by Google's meagre IP53 official rating for the handset.

The IP53 rating with which Google has equipped the Pixel handset implies that, technically speaking, the device is not actually meant to withstand even splashes of water. As such, going by the mentioned rating, Google Pixel handset would be best kept away from any source of water, unless it is protectively encased in a waterproof case.