Rumor rundown of Google’s forthcoming Pixel and Pixel XL handsets

Tech giant Google is expected to unveil its two next-generation Android-powered smartphones at an October 4 event, but rumors about the forthcoming handsets have been making rounds on the Internet for quite some time now.

According to the rumors, Google's 2016 smartphones are manufactured by Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC; and will come with 'Pixel' branding in place of the 'Nexus' branding which Google has been using thus far for its handsets.

Chrome will start warning users about unsecure websites with effect from Jan 2017

In a recently released post on the Google Security blog, Google has revealed that its Chrome internet browser will soon start warning users about unsecure websites. The move will essentially mark a crusade by Chrome to crack down on websites which do not use encryption.

Google launching pilot program for its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco

In a move which indicates that Google is venturing into ride-sharing service Uber's territory, the bigwig tech company has plans underway to introduce its own ride-sharing service in San Francisco.

According to the information disclosed by an unidentified source familiar with the proceedings at Google, the ride-sharing service which the company plans to launch in San Francisco would basically give passengers the ability to join carpools at a bargain price.

Google hires Shaun Stewart as the new director at its self-driving car division

According to a Reuters report, tech giant Google has hired Airbnb's high-profile executive Shaun Stewart as the new director at its self-driving car division.

Google's hiring of Stewart comes a few weeks after the departure of Chris Urmson earlier this month. Urmson was the Chief Technical Officer and public spokesman of Google's self-driving car project, which he led till 2015, until the appointment of John Krafcik - CEO of Hyundai Motor America - as the new CEO of the self-driving car division.

Google debuts Olympic-themed interactive doodles --- 2016 Doodle Fruit Games

In coincidence with the opening of the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 5, Google has launches a series of Olympics-themed interactive mini games --- the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games.

The 2016 Doodle Fruit Games are fun mini games which show up to the users when they open the Google app on either the Android or iOS devices. The users can click on the Google Doodle to play a number of games including tennis, mini golf, swimming, hurdles, and water polo.

Google to shut down ‘Together’ feature in Android Wear on Sept. 30

According to a development first reported by Android Police, tech biggie Google plans to shut down the 'Together' watch face feature in Android Wear - the company's operating system for wearable devices - next month.

According to the report, the Android Wear OS' 'Together' watch face feature will be shuttered by Google with effect from September 30, 2016.