Former HP chief joins Oracle

Mark HurdThe former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Mark Hurd, who resigned from the company amid a scandal, has joined rival tech giant Oracle Corp as its president and member of the board.

Hurd is a close friend of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will replace outgoing president Charles Phillips, according to a company statement. Phillips was working in the company as a co-president along with Safra Catz who will continue her services with Hurd.

HP launches new power efficient Mini 210 laptop

HP launches new power efficient Mini 210 laptopHewlett-Packard has announced the launch of its new power efficient laptop named, HP Mini 210 on Wednesday.

The laptop comes with flashy new color skins and comes with Intel's newest chip technology that enhances performance without extra stress on the battery. The laptop weighs only 3-pound and the company claims that it offers a battery life of 10.75 hours with a six-cell battery.

HP tops rival Dell after raising 3Par bid value to $30 per share

HP tops rival Dell after raising 3Par bid value to $30 per share Technology giants, Hewlett-Packard and Dell are in a bidding war for what is called the last independent vendor of enterprise class data storage, 3Par.

HP, Dell in a bidding war for 3PAR

HP, Dell in a bidding war for 3PARComputer giants, HP and Dell have entered a bidding war for cloud-based virtualized storage company, 3PAR.

The board of directors of 3PAR now debate over which way the company should swing. The acquisition will benefit both the companies as they will be able to strengthen their virtual storage capacity.

HP webOS tablet staged for early 2011

HP webOS tablet.Soon after HP’s acquisition of Palm the firm pronounced that it will soon be pronouncing the release of the webOS tablet in early 2011 soon after it stated that the platform is meant for powering several mobile devices.

The webOS tablet will be a plausible substitute for the Windows 7 slate and will be offering options to various channels.

HP awarded $200 M contract

HP awarded $200 M contractThe government has given a contract to Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HPQ) for improving Medicare Part B claims by providing services for processing and the delivery of services to beneficiaries.

H-P has got a $200 million contract with the U. S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Under the contract H-P will provide applications support and maintenance services, including system enhancements.