Mahindra Finance goes aggressive in rural hiring

There is no denying the fact that rural India has a lot of potential to grow and as many companies have rightfully understood the same, and are now looking to expand in the hinterlands.

The recent one to expand under the rural umbrella is Mahindra Finance, the financial services subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), India’s largest utility vehicles and tractor maker.

Mahindra Auto registers a 29% growth

Mahindra Auto registers a 29% growth The core automotive division of the $7.1 billion, Mahindra Group has recently said that the company has been able to sell close to 28,903 units in the month of August 2010, filing a rise of around 29%, which is very decent as compared to the 22,413 units sold by the company in the same period last year.

Mahindra two-wheelers gaining momentum!

Mahindra two-wheelers gaining momentum!A part of the $7.1 billion, Mahindra Group, Mahindra Two-wheelers has surely gained an instant recognition from the Indian consumer and the company has now started to consolidate on its position in order to reach new skies in the domestic circuit.

For the record, the company has sold close to 15,165 units in the month of August 2010 by filing a whopping 279% growth.

Mahindra Tractors file a 26% rise

MahindraThe integral part of the U.S. $7.1 billion Mahindra Group, Farm Equipment Sector (FES) has been on a high since the start of this fiscal. In fact, the company was successfully able to retain its pole position in the Indian tractors market in the month of August 2010.