Netflix demonstrates technology to navigate menus by thought

Widely-popular streaming service Netflix's MindFlix hack claims to have the ability to navigate menus by thought. While it may not necessarily be reading a user's thoughts, it appears to work in that way to control the Netflix interface.

The innovative project was the result of work during the company's HackDay. Its developers demonstrated how a piece of head-worn technology can be used to scroll through menus and highlight various shows or programs available within the streaming platform.

Netflix-Comcast Alliance Could Signal End of Years of Bickering

Recently, news surfaced that digital streaming giant Netflix is teaming up with Comcast after the two companies have fought for years.

The companies have reached a deal to offer the internet television service on Comcast's X1 set-top boxes later in the year. That's going to smudge the lines which distinguish cable TV from the Internet video services.

Netflix and IBM Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings

On Tuesday, Netflix reported its fourth quarter earnings, posting a big earnings beat of 7 cents per share.

Netflix continues to expand its business globally and that increases its net subscribers. In the Q4, the company crossed expectations adding 5.59 million subscribers. That also beat the company's previous guidance of 5.15 million for the quarter.

Netflix Looking for New Avenues to Attract Younger Audience

Netflix Looking for New Avenues to Attract Younger AudienceSoon, Netflix could be your preferred destination for news documentaries that are trending and edgy. The company is getting ready to binge on Narcos.

Ted Sarandos, the head of content for Netflix said today in a video call conference, that the company is considering its documentaries to be a major tool for experimenting new ideas that also aims to capture the younger audiences.

Netflix Expanding Further To Asia in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong And Taiwan

Moving forward with its global rollout plan by next year end, today Netflix, Inc. announced that it will enter the markets of Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan in the first half of 2016.

This month, Netflix expanded to Asia as it started providing services in Japan. When the service is launched the Internet users can subscribe to Netflix for instantly watching a selection of movies and TV shows in high-definition or Ultra HD 4K on almost any screen connected to the Internet.

Netflix’s Huge New Membership Numbers Helps Investors Overlook the Second Quarter Mixed Results

Netflix’s Huge New Membership Numbers Helps Investors Overlook the Second Quarter Mixed ResultsNetflix is making a strong impression with its stocks more than doubling this year and its ranking zooming past others to reach the level of best performers on S&P 500.