Government Bans Sale of Cheap Alcohol from April 6

AlcoholThe Home Office has announced a ban on sale of cheap alcohol to cope with alcohol related problems. Supermarkets and other shops will be forced to sell alcoholic beverages at or above cost price from April 6, 2014.

A study has previously showed that low price of alcohol makes many youngsters to down too much alcohol in their body, which increases chances of severe long-term health risks.

Obese People in Stoke-On-Trent to Receive Motivational Texts to Lose Weight

ObeseText messages will be sent to obese people in Stoke-on-Trent in a bid to encourage them to follow simple measures that can help them lose weight, said the city council. Texts will urge the people to use the stairs more, eat more fruits and vegetables and do not satiate their hunger by excessively relying on snacks and drinks.

Young patients with no GP lay extra pressure on casualty units

Young patientsNew NHS information for England lends the most complete picture till now of the shape and scale of developing weights on mishap and crisis administrations.

The results of a study found striking territorial contrasts in the amount of individuals turning to loss offices for forethought.

Thousands of advanced prostate patients denied drug which can add five months of life

Thousands of advanced prostate patients denied drug which can add five months of lifeMany men with the last stage of prostate cancer could be denied being given a new kind of medicine following a U-turn by the NHS apportioning form.

The life enhancing drug called Enzalutamide amplifies life by a minimum of five months in men who have used up medication alternatives with a few patients surviving over a year and a half.

Sharing NHS medical records will be significant for improving healthcare

NHS-Property-ServicesNHS Property Services has illustrated arrangements for an administration update that intends to decrease the expenses on employees by as much as £7 million and £10 million per year.

On 22 January 2014 NHS Property Services began a discussion with its employees on the most proficient method to enhance its productivity, which incorporates eliminating staff costs.

Chaotic care to come to an end with ‘Whole Stay Doctors’

Chaotic care to come to an end with ‘Whole Stay Doctors’Last month it was stated that the NHS will once again write the name of the doctor responsible for each patient above their bed.

It comes after an affirmation in November that patients might as well have the name of an expert above their cot.