Sainsbury to Display Calorie Count on Wine Labels

Sainsbury to Display Calorie Count on Wine LabelsThe government has praised Sainsbury's initiative to print calorie counts on wine labels. It is no more a secret that alcohol and wine consumption is the biggest source of calorie intake for Britons after a hard day or night at work.

Petrol Price Cap of 129.9p a Liter by Sainsbury’s

SainsburyA petrol price cap has been introduced by Sainsbury's that will enable motorists to pay not more than 129.9p a liter at its UK forecourts. Similar reductions were also announced by Asda who have operated a price cap that applies to all its UK forecourts and provides motorists with a degree of certainty on prices.

M&S may post sales growth for the first time in 2 years

Marks & Spencer is expected to report growth in sales for the first time in over two years owing to strong footfall during Christmas season when it posts its results on Wednesday.