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The S&P Index Notes it’s Worst Day in Ten Months Following ‘Brexit’

British exit from the European Union affected the stock markets worldwide with investors from Europe to Asia looking for ways to control losses in the middle of sliding equity prices. However, looking from a broader angle the battered look appears more like a dot for the investors in the U.S.

Standard & Poor's upgrades Spain to ‘stable’

 Standard & Poor's upgrades Spain to ‘stable’Standard & Poor's (S&P) says "We see improvement in Spain's external position as economic growth gradually resumes,"

On Friday the credit ratings agency raised Spain's sovereign debt rating outlook to stable from negative, stating that the country's credit metrics appear to be stable helped by budget cuts and structural reforms as the economy is on a modest growth path.

Abu Dhabi is still the highest-rated sovereign entity in the region

Standard-PoorThe global credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor has announced Abu Dhabi as the highest-rated sovereign entity in this region. It has also informed that the city has been excellent in terms of wealth and political coherence for several years. Its outlook toward the world is very positive and very stable. So it deserves to be placed at the top spot in the list.