M&S and Tesco prepare to join the list of festive season Losers

M&S and Tesco prepare to join the list of festive season LosersThe British arm of U. S. grocer Wal-Mart Stores, Asda, said it enjoyed a good performance at Christmas both in its store and online.

Yesterday, the boss of Asda warned that shopkeepers suffered a difficult Christmas as Marks & Spencer and Tesco were among the ones to join the list of festive losers.

Tesco must take drastic measures to come on back on Track

Tesco must take drastic measures to come on back on TrackPhilip Clarke chief executive of Tesco two years ago unveiled a £1bn plan to turnaround the retailer's performance on the back of a profits warning.

Tesco Apologizes after being criticized for Stigmatising Mental Health Issues

TescoApologies have been offered by supermarket giant Tesco after it used a motivational poster of a man about to shoot himself in the head. The store unleashed fury among health campaigners after it put the poster up in the staffroom of a supermarket where sales were declining.

Tesco Re-launches Finest range

TescoA lot of things have changed since the time Tesco was launched. But the best part of this change is that Tesco has been able to understand the altering needs.

Acting as per the modifications, Tesco has announced that it will now be focussing on freshness, seasonality, provenance and sustainability. It will not only be stressing on above mentioned points, but it is also going to ditch 200 lines from its Finest range.

Tesco and Asda Apologizes for Costumes Making Youngsters Imitate ‘Mental Patient’ or ‘Psycho Ward’

asda-tescoAs per recent reports, it has been unveiled that people have shown disapproval towards Halloween costumes by Asda and Tesco.

Both are the leading supermarkets in Britain. It has been found that their Halloween clothes were having dresses that were allowing people to imitate mental patients or to be in a psycho ward.

UK’s Biggest Supermarkets Suffered Setback from Rivals

Tesco-asdaAccording to new reports, UK's biggest supermarkets are being challenged by their rivals.

UK's biggest supermarkets have suffered because of the discounters and their rivals, who only focus on the quality of the product.

Most of the shoppers in UK are being affected by the horsemeat scandal and also by their struggling economy.