Twitter still struggling to attract new users

Twitter Inc.'s role as a megaphone for the U. S. president and numerous celebrities has failed to attract ordinary people to the social-networking platform, the company's latest earnings report and dismal forecast indicated.

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter, acknowledged that the company might not be meeting everyone's growth expectations, and admitted that they needed to do more to convince people.

Twitter Adds Healthy Number of Monthly Users and Posts Q2 Earnings Topping Expectations

Twitter reported its second quarterly earnings that surpassed analysts' expectations but could not match the total revenue forecasts.

The U.S. Government Proposes Screening Facebook and Twitter Accounts of Non Citizen Travelers

The rise of social media is no doubt bringing the world closer but many believe it's also making easy for the terrorist to recruit and spread messages and influence others using the platforms.

The U.S government is also planning to snoop around the Facebook profiles of non-citizens travelers entering country, using it as a means to control terrorism.

Twitter Getting Ready to Impress Once Again

Twitter Getting Ready to Impress Once AgainJack Dorsey has returned as Twitter's CEO a

Twitter Lay Offs Confirmed

Twitter Lay Offs ConfirmedJack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter decided to return as CEO of the company when times are not very easy. The firm is struggling to improve its revenues from advertising, grow its user base and many are asking about the future prospects of the online social media networking company.

Jack Dorsey’s Got Much to Handle as CEO of Twitter and Square

Jack Dorsey’s Got Much to Handle as CEO of Twitter and SquareJack Dorsey might just have too much to handle being the CEO of Square, the mobile payments company and Twitter both.

Last Monday, as pressure came from the investors, Dorsey accepted to be Twitter's CEO and decided that there was a major requirement of restructuring. He announced layoffs and cost cutting at the company.  On the other hand he was preparing Square for its IPO.