Social Networking Sites and Their Ill Effects

Social-NetworkingPeople these days have become Internet freaks, especially the social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tagged, Orkut, etc. have really grown larger in the past five years. There are a lot of people who become addicts to such websites and whatever they do, feel happy or sad about is written on these websites.

Tweetdeck Taken Offline after a Bug Allowed a User to Gain Hundred Different Accounts

TwitterTwitter has taken its much popular app Tweetdeck offline after there were reports of some users gaining access to other users account. In an official statement the company said, “TweetDeck is currently down while we look into an issue. Apologies for the inconvenience”.

Search Giant Yandex Deals With Twitter

Search Giant Yandex Deals With TwitterA new report has uncovered that Russia’s largest search engine Yandex has signed a deal with Twitter in order to have access to all twitter posts, only except the private tweets. It is being said that the post thus, would appear on Twitter as well as another website introduced by Yandex.

People Are Happy During Morning Hours, Says Study on Twitter

People Are Happy During Morning Hours, Says Study on TwitterPopular social networking site, Twitter has gained immense popularity with just a small time span, around five years. Besides frequent users, the site has succeeded to acknowledge appreciation from experts also who have claimed that even though it enables user to communicate through 140-character posts, Twitter provides a platform to understand human psychology as well as social networks.

Twitter for Analyzing Temperament of People!

TwitterResearchers from Cornell University conducted a research, through social utility site Twitter, on the aspect of change in human frame of mind beyond culture and environment boundaries.

The researchers posted a questionnaire on Twitter, which was responded by 509 million visitors out of 2.4 million users belonging to 84 countries. The research started in February 2008 and ended in January 2010.

Renowned Scientist Warns About Facebook Obsession

facebookIn a much warranted attempt, a renowned scientist has revealed possible consequences of spending excessive time on faecbook and other social networking sites. The professor of pharmacology at Oxford University is of the view that a large number of people using social networking sites could be at a possible threat of "identity crisis".