Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic Gets Spaceship License from U.S Authorities

Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight company within the Virgin Group, made a big leap in the race of getting tourists to space.

U.S. authorities have granted the space tourism company owned by billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson a license by to resume testing of its rocket plane after its fatal crash in 2014.

The operator license for SpaceShipTwo granted by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation will allow Virgin Galactic to start the basic groundwork for regular trips to space.

Flight Debut made by Virgin’s Spacecraft

Flight Debut made by Virgin’s SpacecraftThe first test flight of the commercial manned spaceship, dubbed Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise spaceship, made by Virgin Galactic, took place on Monday morning at the Mojave Air and Spaceport in California.

It should be noted that Virgin Galactic is the space tourism arm of Richard Branson's Virgin Group in which Abu Dhabi-based Aabar Investments has a 32 percent stake.

Stellar vision held by Abu Dhabi Company buying Virgin Galactic stake

It has appeared that a 32 per cent stake in Virgin Galactic, the commercial space venture of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, is being mulled to be bought by an Abu Dhabi state-linked investment company. This move is the latest sign of the oil-rich emirate's rising ambitions.

A sum of $280m (£170m) would be paid by Aabar Investments for the holding in the company, which was unveiled in 2004 with the motive to commence flying private passengers to space within two years, at a cost of $200,000 per ticket.