Walmart Opens Shelves to Weather Damaged ‘Ugly’ Fruits in an Effort to Curb Food Wastage

Walmart, the largest grocer in the world is testing a pilot program in an effort to reduce the estimated wastage of 133 billion pounds of food worth about $29 billion every year in America.

It is selling weather-dented apples in 300 Florida stores at a discounted price. Although, these fruits may not look too pretty but do not differ in taste or flavor. Mainly damaged by severe storms or a stretch of hot spell or other weather related irregularities, these fruits get damaged externally, which makes them off limits from most of the grocers' shelves.

How Could Apple Pay be Hurt by Walmart’s Own Pay System

Walmart shoppers can shop light, as they no longer need to carry their wallets while shopping at about five thousand U.S. stores of the retailer.

On Wednesday, the largest retailer of the world announced it completed the roll out of Walmart Pay system in nineteen more states which makes it available in thirty seven states in the U.S. The company also says the service will be available nationwide by the end of this year. In total, Walmart Pay is available in 5,000 stores currently.

Walmart Partners with Uber, Lyft and Deliv to Expand Same Day Grocery Delivery Services in More Markets

Walmart is not giving up so fast and is making great strides to compete with Amazon. The company is investing heavily to expand its online presence and also delivery services of its grocery business and going after online retailer Amazon in the process.

On Friday, in an announcement, the retail giant said it will partner with ride-hailing services Uber, Lyft and Deliv to test its pilot program, 'The last mile' or same-day grocery deliveries at the door steps of its customers.

Walmart launches new method to make payment easier

World's largest retailer, Walmart has announced the launch of a new payment method in order to make it easier for customers to pay for item at its stores.

The company rolled out the new payment method at its stores in the states of Arkansas and Texas. Customers in those locations will be able to use their smartphones to pay at checkout. The retailer's app is among the top three retail apps in the Google and Apple app stores and more than twenty million customers actively use the Walmart app each month.

Wal-Mart Stumbles in Brazil; Shutter Stores

The scenario in Brazil has changed since the time Wal-Mart Stores Inc. expanded its business to Campo Grande for the first time. Seven years ago, the Midwestern farm-belt city in Brazil seemed a good market as the economy was booming.

Wal-Mart Ranked Last in Consumers Satisfaction Report Whereas Publix Ranked Second

Wal-Mart Ranked Last in Consumers Satisfaction Report Whereas Publix Ranked SecondAlways a big name does not necessarily mean that the customers are fully satisfied with the services and that was proven to the core, as a survey conducted by Consumer Reports discovered that when it comes to customer satisfaction, Wal-Mart listed at the bottom.

The study found the grocery chain, Publix to rank second in the list of all U. S grocery chains.