NHS Hospitals to Move to Renewable Energy Resources

Masdar ready with creating offshore UK wind farm

Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, popularly known as Masdar, informed that its largest offshore power project in the world would be completed by the end of this year.

The project has been developed by Masdar and Dong Energy and E.ON for producing 630 megawatt wind energy to reduce 925,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Saudi Arabia to Build Solar Energy Based Desalination Plants

Saudi Arabia to Build Solar Energy Based Desalination PlantsThe National Science Agency of Saudi Arabia proposes to build solar energy based desalination plants in the country. The move is aimed to mitigate water and energy costs by 40 per cent besides checking environment pollution at a time when 'Go Green' slogans are drawing widespread attention in every walk of life.

Electric Cars Might Cause Environmental Harm - ETA

A recent report by the Environmental Transport Association has revealed that although electric cars have the potential of benefitting the environment, there are also strong chances that they could end up causing more harm than good if the energy production does not change.