Dubai to strengthen social services

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) and the UAE Ministry of Social Affairs have clinched a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim to further consolidate foreign investment in the emirate region, especially in social services.

According the sources, the MoU is part of efforts to increase Dubai's economic development by helping procedures for investors and encouraging investment in social affairs.

As Dubai property market collapses, Britons lose savings

The global economic meltdown, which has adversely affected the once booming real estate market of Dubai, has brought some bad news for the Britons who invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in unbuilt property during Dubai's flourishing years as they now seem to be losing all their money following the rapid correction in the market.

For 800-strong group of investors, hundreds of millions of pounds are at risk. These individuals had put deposits on holiday flats to property brokers.

Petrofac witnesses good start to the year

It has been revealed by Petrofac Limited in its Interim Management statement for the period from 1 January 2009 to 15 May 2009 that a good start has been made by the company for the year.

Furthermore, the company is confident that 2009 will be another year of strong growth.

£250,000 paid by Sheikh for Household Cavalry to fly to Abu Dhabi

30 members of the Household Cavalry along with their horses seem to have landed safely in UAE. At a cost of A£250,000, a group of billionaire Arab sheiks have offered to pay for them to fly to Abu Dhabi and perform for him.

The Musical Ride that will stay at one of the country's top hotels, at his expense, would travel on business-class flights.

ATM Kicks Off Today

The importance of the Middle East in reviving the global travel and tourism industry beset by a global economic turmoil is underscored by a stronger-than-expected exhibitor presence at the Arabian Travel Market, which opens today at the Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Dubai Anniversary Bash Thrills ‘Emirates Putturians’

On Friday, 10th October, "Emirates Putturians's" eighth anniversary was celebrated at Mirch Club, Hotel Ramee Royal. The party was a grand success, with Sweet Melodies band constituted by Arun Carlo, Sheela Carlo, Canute Roshan Carlo, and Vijay fascinating the listeners through their favorite Konkani, Hindi, and English hits that kept the get-together on the dance floor for hours.