New Health Advisory from EPA Impacts Drinking Water Supplies in Wright-Patterson

A new health advisory from the Environmental Protection Agency impacted many of the valley water supplies' drinking water sources.

On Friday, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency told Wright-Patterson to stop using a drinking water well which is used by Area A, due to the presence of high levels of a chemical which is found in firefighting foams.

Filipino expats in UAE urged to improve eating habits

A unit of a Philippines health institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has urged expat workers from the Philippines to improve eating habits to combat diseases.

UAE to continue with ban on e-cigarette

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have indicated that it will continue with its ban on e-cigarettes even as some studies in recent times showed that the device is helpful in quitting smoking.

Goumbook says tap water is safer than bottle water in UAE

A not-for-profit environmental organisation,Goumbook has said that the drinking filtered tap water in the United Arab Emirates is safer than drinking water from plastic bottles.

Goumbook has launched its Drop It campaignon Tuesday urging people and businesses establishments to move to drinking filtered tap water in reusable containers instead of plastic bottles. It said that drinking water from plastic bottles is not only bad for the environment but also people.

More than 14% of population suffers from asthma in UAE

Health experts have said that around 14 per cent of the population suffer from asthma in the United Arab Emirates.

Experts have said that there are several reasons for the spread of the disease in the country including dust and dirty air conditioning. Doctors at the Medeor 24x7 Hospital in Dubai said that 14 per cent of the population suffer from the condition and reasons might differ by season and individuals. Symptoms of the condition include breathlessness, wheezing, cough and chest tightness.

Health experts gather in Dubai for second Stroke Academy

Leading health experts from the Middle East and North African region gathered in the city of Dubai to participate in the second Stroke Academy held this week.

The experts from the UAE have raised concerns over the disease and over a lack of expertise in physicians who are failing to diagnose the condition or the symptoms that can lead to permanent disability. Experts pointed out that it has emerged as the fifth leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 59 years and the condition could claim 2,000 lives by 2017.