Skipping medication by diabetic patients pose risks, study

Skipping medication by diabetic patients pose risks, studyAccording to a new study in the United Arab Emirates, around half of the people with diabetes may be avoiding taking medication due to several reasons and this is posing risks to their wellbeing.

Scientists develop scanning technique to check cancer drugs effectiveness

A team of scientists have said that they have developed a new scanning technique that might allow them to determine the effectiveness of cancer drugs in a faster way.

The scientists said that they believe that the new scanning technique will allow early indication of the effectiveness of the drugs and allows doctors to provide more effective treatment. They said that the doctors using the technique will be able to quickly match the most effective treatment for each individual.

Pesticides might be to blame for increase in Parkinson’s disease in Victoria

Experts have said that pesticides used in pulse production might be to blame for increased prevalence of Parkinson's disease in the state of Victoria.

The researchers at the Monash University and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health found that rural areas where chickpeas, broad beans, lentils, vetches and barley are grown have higher rates of Parkinson's disease. They now suspect that the use of pesticides in agriculture might be a reason for the prevalence of the condition.

Scientists identify genes responsible for stroke and dementia

A team of scientists in the United States have said that they have been able to identify a new set of genes that may be responsible for stroke and dementia.

The team of researchers identified a new gene called FOXF2 that are responsible for increasing the risk of having a stroke because of small vessel disease in the brain. The small vessel disease causes stroke and is also a key contributor to the risk of dementia. The disease is also linked to the gait problems and depression in persons.

Heartbeats affect human wisdom, new study

According to a new research study, the heartbeat fluctuations of a person have an impact on their wisdom. The researchers said that the heart rate variation and thinking process work together and enable wise reasoning relating to several complex issues.

UAE Health authorities aiming to reduce spread of diabetes

The national health authorities in the United Arab Emirates have said that it is aiming to reduce the spread of diabetics in the country in the coming years.