National anti-H1N1 plan to be formulated by UAE

Today, a senior health official disclosed that a mandatory national emergency blueprint for H1N1 virus might soon be issued by the UAE.

Today Dr. Ali Ahmed bin Shuker, head of the Technical Health Committee on Combating the disease, said after presiding over the committee's meeting, "The action plan will be binding to all stakeholders meant to combat the disease...... the document is part of development process of the national comprehensive strategy in line with Gulf and Arab plans."

Following few days; UAE mobile hospital to commence operations

It has been learnt that Juba, south of Sudan, has welcomed the arrival of a third UAE relief plane carrying medical equipment and supplies for the Emirates World Humanitarian Mobile Hospital. The landing is being seen as a as part of the Red Crescent Authority's campaign to provide curative and preventive services to the underprivileged patients in southern Sudan.

It was put forward by Dr. Adel Al Shameri, Executive Director of the hospital soon the patients would arrive at the health facility within the few coming days after the medical equipments were installed.

U.S. Soldiers with Swine Flu Leave Kuwait

A Kuwaiti health official informed on Sunday that the 18 swine flu affected U. S. soldiers had recovered and left.

These were the first cases of H1N1 influenza in the Gulf Arab oil-exporting region, a government official said on Sunday.

"(The troops) were confirmed with the virus upon their arrival from their country to the military base (in Kuwait)," said Ibrahim al-Abdulhadi.

On Saturday, KUNA had quoted a government official as saying that the virus had been detected in some of the U. S. soldiers passing through Kuwait.